Create separate series or 2nd/3rd channel? Pls advice.


Loving YTtalk
I need some advice. I currently offer 2-5 minute royalty free music tracks for free on my channel for creators to use in their videos. I am planning 2 other projects:

Project A
I am planning to also either create a series or a new channel to post 'intro music' that I have composed that are 3 to 15 seconds long. Basically for YouTube chann el intros or corporate videos etc.

Project B
I am also planning to work on some lullaby tunes for kids or rather simple tunes and make them run for 1 to 2 hours each. It's a project for my kids where they can sleep to it at night so I thought why not for others as well.

I am not sure if I should combine them all in my current channel or create they as separate channels (what are the implications to my account if any) or create them as series.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
i would make a seperate playlist since it fits to your current channel (music). Another channel means more work ^^

I agree. If you had a huge subscriber base who would follow you to the next channel, I'd say start another one, but right now, since it's all within the theme, just call it out in a playlist.
Thanks everyone on the feedback. Yes I agree it would be less work in terms of promoting the channel.
However I already have playlists going based on music categories.
I would have to add another playlist for these 2 other projects that could stick out like sore thumbs as they are not music genre related. I am afraid visitors may come into the channel not really knowing why there are 2-5 minute long tracks and some absurdly short 3-15 second tracks lying around and some kiddy music. Would it be too weird?
hmmm personally i just think it would add a layer of variety to your youtube channel. which can sometimes be good and sometimes bad. It can help you bring in audiences from a larger variety of places though, since you would have different things for different people.
Ok so overall consensus is to stick with one. I am going to try to see how I can organize the videos in such a way they don't look like a huge mess. Thanks fellas. Any other views are welcome.