Finally Broke 100 Subscribers on my VLOG Channel!

    I am so glad that I finally broke 100 subscribers on my VLOG channel! I have been working so hard, been on that daily VLOG grind and it has paid off! I past 100 subscribers on Tuesday and today I am at 124 subscribers. Killing the game now. I appreciate all who support me, I couldn't do it with...
  2. ItsNotAiyla

    Joining the 1000 views+ club!!

    Woke up today with my first 1000 views! I know it's only a little tiny blip in the grand sceme of things, but it still makes me happy so I'm going to enjoy it. :biggrin: I've only been posting vids a short while, under 2 months. I know some channels have more than me at this stage and some have...
  3. matchawapple

    200 subscribers!

    After posting videos for about 2 months, I noticed that it does take a lot of time and effort to create youtube videos. You just have to be creative, try out making new videos, find what's right for you, be consistent and love what you are doing! If you're not enjoying the content you are...
  4. Quirkypoo

    50 Subs!!

    Made it to 50 subs, woo! So excited.. With a few rises and falls here and there I'm slowly going up the sub meter. Thank you everyone on this forum for giving me such brilliant advice and feedback :) Good luck to everyone else!!
  5. Dutchie Abroad

    My road to a 100 subs

    Hello everyone!~ I posted my first video on August 14th 2017. That is now three and a half months ago. In those months I have been able to accumulate that miracle number 100. I remember starting out and thinking: 100 subs in a year, that would be cool. Then I hit 50 after two months and began...
  6. matchawapple

    Finally reached 100 subscribers with my gaming channel! :)

    Hey guys! I finally reached 100 subscribers! Since I have a gaming channel posting videos for let's plays and gameplays, it is definitely more of a challenge to promote my channel but nevertheless it is fun to create and edit videos!
  7. HC.SameerPatil

    How long did it take you to get your first 100 subs???

    Hey Guys, recently I reached a major milestone in smashing 50 subs on my channel and wanted to get the community talking about how long it took for you all to reach your first 100 subscribers and how it made you feel. Lets chat!
  8. Jared Poirier

    50 Subscribers!

    Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that I started my channel 7 months ago and I just hit 50 Subscribers this morning! When I started my channel I produced all types of different content but now I mainly do MOVIE REVIEWS! How did I do it? 1. Upload Every Week I don't always upload on the same...
  9. L337H4X0RZZ

    Today, I hit 20,000 views!

    Hello all. Despite me not being active on YouTube for a while due to family and personal issues, I decided to check my overall view count this morning when I woke up to see this: While dealing with the family and personal problems I mentioned, I completely dropped a lot of my hobbies, this...
  10. HC.SameerPatil

    Q and A

    Hey guys, I reached my first 50 subscribers on my channel and wanted to do a Q and A video. It would be awesome if I could answer questions you guys might have whether it be about life in general or something specific to my channel which is based on documenting my journey to being a successful...
  11. VRONA

    Finally Reached 7,500 Views After 4 Years!

    After 4 years of my channel sadly growing very slowly, we are now at 7,500 views! It took way longer then I expected, but hey, I am finally there. Now I am only 2500 views away from the big 10,000 where I can finally start doing stuff like monetizing my videos and finally hopefully grow like a...
  12. Diversified Unison

    Goals for 2018 (thread locked)

    Hey everyone... Sooooo 2018 is almost here... Any special plan for your channel? What milestone you want to reach this new year? Share with us!! :D For me, 2017 goal was to reach 200 subs but I only reached 120. I guess better than nothing haha..Me and my team will continue working hard and we...
  13. VRONA

    200 Subscribers! Finally After 4 Years!

    After a 4 year struggle, my channel has finally reached the grand 200 subscribers! It took just a year to go from 100 to 200, so let's hope this is a sign of my channel finally growing, and slowly getting out of the pit it is in. These 4 years have been a rollercoaster. From steady growth at...
  14. Darren Taylor

    I just hit 50 subs :)

    I have been uploading for the last 7-8 weeks and I just hit 50 subs this morning! I had no idea gaining traction on YouTube was so tough (now I know better :D ) Really happy with how things are moving though, on to 100!
  15. Dutchie Abroad

    2k views and 75 subs!

    Hello everyone!~ So today I passed the 2000 views and now actually have 75 subscribers! It went so fast after I hit 50, damn! Thanks all so much for the support, you guys are an awesome source of inspiration and motivation for me!
  16. Mikey Beats

    100 FLIPPIN SUBS!!! (2 months)

    I just hit 100 subs today after 2 months of posting! This really boosted my motivation! How many subs did you guys get in two months? ( I feel like my growth was a bit slow) And what advertising strategy did you use?
  17. JayVee

    600 subs! (gaming channel)

    Not long a go i passed the 600 sub mark at my gaming channel! in my opinion it is one of the hardest things to grow on yt because of the full market of it! So i'm happy ;)
  18. Charmike

    1,000 Subscribers & Almost 30k views! Happy AF!

    A few days ago, I hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel called Charmike. I would like to thank every single subscriber who has subbed to me no matter the date. I have been inspired By JackSepticEye and as I restarted my YT channel in January (At 400 subs at that point) and in a few months...
  19. MechaJake

    Just hit 300 subs! Celebration time :D

    Hey everyone! just hit my next milestone of 300 subs! Been having a lot of fun and luck with live streams recently which have been a blast! Looking forward to see how fast I can grow to 400 ;) Thanks to everyone in the YTTalk community for helping me out thus far! - Mecha Jake
  20. Raven

    30k Views milestone

    Greetings Ghouls and Ghosts. The channel just reached 30K of views and each one of them is special to me. thanks so much and I really hope one day I get to bring more smiles to you spooky people :).
  21. dweebie

    Hit 300 total views, feels good man.

    I know it's relatively small and compared to a ton of other users it's nada, but dang man, 300 views feels good. Thanks everyone at YTtalk who helped me at any point along the way, you guys are the bomb.
  22. Jon Brooks

    5 Million Views

    Hi guys, It's been a while since i last checked in here but I'm back and delighted to announce that my channel has hit 5 Million video views. I've worked hard over the years creating content but it's certainly been worth it. :dance: Exciting times ahead... Best wishes, Jon
  23. Janell

    10 Thousand Subscribers and Growing!

    Hello Everyone, Our channel has now reached this terrific milestone, and now we are pushing for 50K Subscribers. It may take sometime, but we will enjoy the journey!
  24. BlackSpiderYT

    10 Subscribers Can I REACH 15

    HEY i am hearing because i just reached 10 subscribers i dont think i should have reached it with only 1 video but still i am thankful because i have had a couple of channels and this is the fastest growing channel
  25. angietalksalot

    30k Channel Views!

    Hi guys! As of yesterday, my channel has finally hit 30,000 views! Can't wait to reach my next goal of 600 subs!
  26. KantoGaming


    I have reached 800 Kanto Fam members!! Let me tell you, it was hard! Especially since I took a break from YouTube and came back I'm so over joyed and I never thought I would make it this far. Now onto 1,000!!
  27. Anthony Dufell

    Breaking the Big 500

    So a two weeks ago I crushed 500 subscribers and now I well on my way to 600! I just want to say thank you to TYtalk, Youtube, and both the amazing communities. Without any of this AMAZING support, it would NEVER be possible! I do this to better myself, and also provided world class...
  28. Allera

    500 VIEWS AND 30 SUBS in 2 days!

    I'm really small so this is pretty big for me I want to get this number to atleast 10 subs a day and 150+ views per video for now! This channel is "ItsAllera" btw ;)
  29. Kaytonix

    3 videos and 30 subs!

    I honestly didn't think I would be posting a milestone so quickly, but here we are! I posted my first video last Thursday and now 3 videos total and I've hit 33 subs! I know its not much...but I really hope to keep this level of growth going! :)
  30. Julia and Claire

    30 Subscribers!

    We just hit 35 subscribers! We know it's not a lot, but it's still exciting haha. Next goal: 50. Hopefully we can reach it! Julia and Claire