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Finally Reached 7,500 Views After 4 Years!


Loving YTtalk
After 4 years of my channel sadly growing very slowly, we are now at 7,500 views! It took way longer then I expected, but hey, I am finally there. Now I am only 2500 views away from the big 10,000 where I can finally start doing stuff like monetizing my videos and finally hopefully grow like a real channel.

If you maybe know how I could maybe increase this statistic and maybe finally grow after so long, please let me know as I've been doing this for so long now without any results.

However seeing how quickly I went from 5000 to 7500 is a definitely a sign of progress, so I hope my channel will finally start growing soon.
Awesome! Congratulations on hitting this milestone! It is great that you continued to stick at this through all the time, even though it took you longer than you wanted to make this progress. I'm only a small channel with just over 200 subscribers and less than 2000 views so I can't give a whole lot of advice yet on how to get growing faster but I hope you manage to figure it out! :)
Congratulations dude. You are 3/4 near the big 10K. I know the feeling of growing slow. While for my main channel I had some luck by filming news events with thousands of people, where everyone wanted to see himself on video and it grew fast to over 100K views, I also have an experimental channel that I started last year. It is at near 1500 views now (with 11 subscribers) and I know how hard is to grow viewership base and a channel. Be consistent and you will grow in no time.