1. snowielove1

    Services I’ll sub to you if you sub to me(:

    Just comment your channel and sub to my channel and I’ll sub to you. if you don’t want to see my content just turn off notifications❤ My channel: Note:I don’t know if this is allowed but if it is not I will take it down if asked(by a mod)
  2. AllVisuals4U

    Abbreviated subscriber counts better?!

    Anyone else noticed a rise in daily gained subscribers since the exact number of subscribers is hidden and there's no number on the subscribe button anymore? Since the beginning of this month I'm getting a few subs every day. It almost never happened that I get more than one a day before...
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Why Subscriber Counts Do Not Matter

    Why Subscriber Counts Do Not Matter // Every small youtuber seems to be focused on YouTube Subscriber Counts, How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube and numbers numbers numbers. I am here to tell you that Subscriber Count Does Not Matter, you want engaged loyal subscribers, not masses of zombie...
  4. Valentinas Playhouse

    Paw Patrol Candy Hunt

  5. Valentinas Playhouse

    Kids Outdoor Movie Theater Party

  6. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Mallorca Alcudia Beach

    Beach Alcudia, Mallorca. Muro beach (Playa de Muro) is located in the Alcudia bay. Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is a part of the Balearic Islands. I stayed in Alcudia and explored the island by car. Mallorca has a lot of towns, villages and beaches to explore. Here a some of...
  7. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

  8. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get YouTube Subscribers

  10. Dre Finesse

    Got My First 50 Subs in 2 Weeks Off My First Music Video

    Over 1.3k Plays On soundcloud and over 40 Likes . with sooo much love on the YouTube video in the little time its been out. I feel like this is the beggining of a long journey . Mark my words Dre Finesse you gonna hear him on the radio , tv , and ALL over the music side of YouTube.
  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make A Youtube Subscribe Link 2018

    How To Make A Youtube Subscribe Link 2018 // Create YouTube Auto Subscriber Link can help you convert viewers into more subscribers quickly. Make it easier for viewers to subscribe by making a YouTube Channel Subscribe Link that you can share on social media and add to your channel page links...
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips


    SUB4SUB, BUYING SUBSCRIBERS & VIEWS, SPAMMING COMMENTS - THINGS NOT TO DO ON YOUTUBE [CHAT & Q&A] There are many bad habits that some small YouTubers lean on to try and grow their channel. Sub 4 Sub, Buying Subscribers, Buying Views, Spamming Comment Sections, View Bots, Subscriber Bots, View...
  13. AdaneOasis


    Is there anyone in the Toronto, Ontario area I can collab with for youtube videos? Would be nice to have a group of us to make videos on a daily! (Y) p.s. I somewhat started about half a year ago and would like to take it more seriously when Spring hits, for now, would like to meet more of the...
  14. A

    Gaming Minecraft Collabs

    I'm looking for some people to do Minecraft collabs with I'll do most things on Minecraft. 13+ . Add my discord Anthony#4146 if your interested. Thanks
  15. C

    Other Looking to collaborate?

    Hello everyone I have a nice starting YouTube channel and Im look to collaborate with anyone who has a good active fanbase and also like yo blogs and other reactions and so on so on I will be glad to work with anyone no matter of the subscribers I currently have 207 subscribers I considered them...
  16. VigilantRager

    Movin on up

    Ended up getting three subs yesterday which felt pretty great! I may only have 20 subs now and still be learning the ropes but I love more people seeing the art I create
  17. MechaJake

    Just hit 300 subs! Celebration time :D

    Hey everyone! just hit my next milestone of 300 subs! Been having a lot of fun and luck with live streams recently which have been a blast! Looking forward to see how fast I can grow to 400 ;) Thanks to everyone in the YTTalk community for helping me out thus far! - Mecha Jake
  18. J

    Just Hit 1 Sub.... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

    Just kidding guys i now have over 100 subs!!!
  19. BrinoVlogs


  20. Chikara

    Gaming Minecraft PC [1K SUBS]

    hit me up with a comment on yt if you want to be featured in a video, I'll get u a couple of subs in return for some pvp action :P
  21. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Sub4Sub? How This Can HURT Your YouTube Channel

    Sub 4 Sub? Should I Sub4Sub? Getting YouTube Subscribers can be hard when starting out and people always ask How To Get YouTube Subscribers. But begging for subs, buying subscribers and trading subscribers in Sub for Sub could be hurting your channel and may even get your YouTube Channel banned...
  22. BrinoVlogs

    How to Format a travel vlog?

    I'm heading down to the Wisconsin for a couple days, I'm not sure how to vlog the trip... any ideas of what I can vlog about/ talk about/ formatting of the video
  23. BrinoVlogs

    Dumbest Trend of 2017?

  24. Rolz

    My first giveaway competition!

    Hey guys! ItsHowWeRolz here :) in an attempt to give back to the few loyal subs I have as well as increase exposure and potential community growth...I have initiated a giveaway over on my channel :D Check out the video for more details and you could win...
  25. S.A.D

    Subscribe, then unsubsribe.

    This is a but of a frustration post really, but i also find it humorous too. Don't you just love it, when some body subs then unsubs. especially when your a small channel. Sometime you feel like putting a hit out on them trough the back market, maybe hope that John Wick will deal with it haha...
  26. BrinoVlogs


    I worked really hard on this vlog, completing it in 4 hours of no sleep till 5 am. I think this is one of my best work!
  27. Nuber

    Other Anybody Up For A Good And Serious Collab?

    Hello guys, I'm nuber and I'm looking for who wants to do a good collab and I run a tutorial channel so if you interested... Probably leave your contact info such as Skype id below and let's have some fun! Peace out guys!
  28. Rolz

    Lootcrate - LOOTANIME opening :)

    What's good guys! Here's my latest video. It's a lootcrate/lootanime unboxing :D I had some shipping issues so this one is a bit later than expected...but anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it :D Thanks for watching and any constructive criticism is welcome + if you do enjoy the video please...
  29. The Bomber Brigade

    20 Subscribers!

    Finally hit 20 subs! I focused more on what has gotten views based on analytics and it worked out. I just have to keep it up!
  30. M

    How many Subscribers do you have?

    I am new to this form, but I am not new to Youtube. Just want to see how many subscribers everyone has :) I have 2660 subscribers.