1. Stearmans Toy Review

    1,000 Subs!! 450,000 Views!

    So, Had a horrible day yesterday! Bought new lighting and a tripod and had everyone coming over to shoot for our other channel.. but I ended up deathly sick, my son got sick too, so we had to cancel everything. Long story short, I woke up after being in bed all day to see we hit OVER 1,000...
  2. Testing Your Neurons

    Need your feedback on my newest quiz

    So I've published a new quiz with China as a subject and it doesn't seem to be getting any views compared to my other geography quizzes.. any idea why?
  3. RealBananaCrafter

    Get Noticed

    Anyone have tips for how to really get noticed on YouTube? I've been going up only 1 sub and 20 views every few (2-5) days. All I've heard is "make good content" (I try a lot) and "post on forums" (I have G+ and this!). Thanks, -RBC
  4. MusicsAnts

    How to Spread my YouTube channel.

    How can i gain views and subs for my channel easily?, without doing sub for sub which there is no point in doing anyway. I use social media (e.g.Twitter and Google+) but hardly anyone actually see's the posts or actually goes to my channel.
  5. Hashtag10

    Probably a dumb question.

    Hey guys. i'm relatively new on youtube and i wanna ask you how do i set my subscribers number to private so no one can see how few subs i have? :))) for the moment.... Thanks. :D
  6. xCroga

    100+ views and nearly 30 subscribers!

    Only a few days ago I made a milestone announcement of 10 subscribers, and here I am only a few days later making one for 30! GAINED 20 SUBSCRIBERS IN 2-3 DAYS?? WOW! And I also got over 100 views! I'm very happy with how my channel has gone so far :D
  7. martingray360

    first month; 60,000+ views, 170+ subs; 20 videos; 180+ hours of work

    Emotionally-draining first month is over! 20 videos 360degree 60,000 views 170+ views Countless coffees, constantly watching real time stats, getting overly excited when numbers go up, ready to close the shop when go down. Second month started less optimistic, but hoping for a bright future...
  8. Slightly Desi

    Is sub for sub good?

    I want to know if sub for subs are great or not because I'm trying to grow my channel but I'm getting absolutely no subscribers whatsoever.. even though I have three videos up already :/
  9. RavenAlixis


    Hey guys! My goal for the longest time, since january was to hit 100 subscribers on youtube and a couple of days ago I finally reached it! But now than I have I honestly dont know what my next goal should be and what should I expect now that I reached my goal. So the questions I have now are Is...
  10. ZinQ Nasty

    Gaming Starting NEW Black OPS 3 Challenge

    WHATS UP! I am starting a challenge on Black ops 3 you must get the Raps score streak in Search and Destroy. No care-package Raps Check out the challenge video below. Its the latest video on my youtube channel btw. Yes I already beat the challenge.haha that was before I thought it...
  11. Sarah&Fam

    I am about to!!

    I am about to hit 100 on my channel!! Thank you to all of you to assisted me in getting to my first goal! ONLY 3 AWAY. What did you all do when you hit your first 100 subscribers? I post week days m-f I want to make a special Saturday video thanking all my subscribers and doing something...
  12. D

    Hi there! I'm a writer...

  13. B

    Services Free channel banners, logos and intros!

    Id be glad to create anyone banners, logos, intros, or even a thumbnail! I may be young but if you check out my channel all the art is made by me. To request free art Skype me, my Skype is Benny203, after then tell me what you want, and give me your ideas for it, you can give me your logo if...
  14. Elmarthor

    My goals for 2016!

    Hey guys, I've decided to make my own goal!, my goal is right now 500, and if i dont get it i hope i get really close to it. Btw im new at the community, and i will be really active. - Just in case you want to see my channel ;) If you dont find my channel, this is the logo!
  15. ApexTV

    5,000 Subscribers!

    Wow! Just a couple of days ago I was celebrating 4,000 subscribers! Now it's up to 5,000! Thank you YTTalk community for all the valuable YouTube information! :thanksthumbs: :woohoo!:
  16. TheBossman

    Why do some people hide subscriber count?

    So I have come across a few channels that hide how many subscribers they have. Why do people do this? Do you do this? If so why? I am not judging anyone who does, I just do not understand why they do and not knowing things bugs the life out of me.
  17. MurrehHD

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration

    Im looking for fun and chilled out gamers (XBOX ONE) to collab with. On a variety of games. Hit me up on a game youd like to do i you have one specifically in mind. I tend to play and record on: -Fifa 16 -Black Ops 3 -GTA V -Rocket League -ARK but I can manage to get other game, depending on...
  18. MurrehHD

    Gaming Fun gamer? COLLAB TIME!!

    Im looking for fun and chilled out gamers (XBOX ONE) to collab with. On a variety of games. Hit me up on a game youd like to do i you have one specifically in mind. I tend to play and record on: -Fifa 16 -Black Ops 3 -GTA V -Rocket League -ARK but I can manage to get other game, depnding on...
  19. themoosan

    Moosan Movie video idea

    hi, I've got a video idea and idk if its a good one. it is that every month i make a stupid "movie" about 5-10 minutes long, they will be comedy and not very serious! sometimes i will get some other people into my video as well! if you want to see how my videos will be then check out my latest...
  20. themoosan

    6 months on YouTube!

    hi I'm themoosan, I have now been on YouTube for 6 months and I love making videos, I think I need to post a bit more as I have been lacking in uploads but in half a year I have got 61 subs and about 1,200 views :) I'm pretty happy with that. Goal for 2016 is getting to 100 subs and 2,500 views...
  21. TheChillGhost

    I am stuck!

    Ok, so i'm not really sure what kind of responses i'm expecting to get to this, but I have been stuck at 48 subs for over a month now and I don't know why. I still post, I still respond to comments, I advertise my channel. Maybe I just suck. Any tips?
  22. Kacper

    Lack Of Subs and Views

    Hey Everyone! I've had a channel on which i've been posting on for a few days now and I posted 2 videos so far, I put a lot of effort into the video's, added custom thumbnails and shared it all over social media, but they are not really getting any attention, so far I got 2 suns ( one being my...
  23. GabrielleKyle

    Other Looking to Collab!!!

    Hey everyone. My name is Gabrielle! I'm a new youtube partner and looking to collab. Im trying to reach as many audiences as possible! If youre interested in a collab, let me know!
  24. Pulzu

    Gaming channel need help to start

    - I am a new gamer to Youtube.What is better?To go alone popular games like Legend of Leaguends,COD,CS GO..., or new games? - Is it better to play mmorpg, mob , a shooter or any other category?Also which are now popular, the game on Youtube? - Get all the advice you can , it will help me a...
  25. DBG

    How To Make Awesome Free Channel Art

    Alright guys, this is pretty simple but can be time consuming depending on how nice you want it to look, my current channel art I made in about 40 min. and I think it looks awesome! All you have to do is go to and enter the base image you want to use. If you want channel...
  26. I

    I need help!

    Hi, i'm Ian and I started my channel a month or so ago and i'm stuck at a few subs. Ive been making videos on multiple channels since 2008 and have a lot of experience. I recently decided to settle down in one kind of videos and I only recently joined a network. I need help growing! If anybody...
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