1. themoosan

    Moosan Movie video idea

    hi, I've got a video idea and idk if its a good one. it is that every month i make a stupid "movie" about 5-10 minutes long, they will be comedy and not very serious! sometimes i will get some other people into my video as well! if you want to see how my videos will be then check out my latest...
  2. dopeglam


    Hey everyone so as a creator it gets hard trying to figure out what everyone wants to see. So as a viewer of YouTube what are some things you guys like to see? What are some ideas we can all use? I like seeing prank videos, family vlogs cause its relatable to me since I have small children, and...
  3. thumbhais

    Saving Money On Valentines Day

    Here's a short little guide on how to save your money on Valentines Day. Disclaimer: Some of these ideas are good, but if you follow through and you're single after Valentines Day, sorry. I'd also love for you guys to share some other creative ways that you'd save money as well! Please leave...
  4. AbeAdams1

    Valentines Day video ideas?!?

    I'm a male vlogger who doesn't know what types of videos to post for Valentines Day. Any ideas on videos to post in this week leading up to Valentines Day?
  5. T

    What can i do to keep up?

    So i had my channel before summer , it got like 85subs , but i was inactive all this time long ,so i did a new channel , but i have no video ideas , i want to make something easy and entertaining , but i got shool and exams so i can put more than 1 hour a day on YT , any ideas to grow until...
  6. O

    Need new ideas?

    Hi I have a youtube channel where I do a show around in some of the hot cars and show the interior on some of the videos as well and would like to know what else I can do in order to up my views? Its going pretty good better than expected but I would like to take it to the next level I have...
  7. M

    Need Help Ideas?

    Hi I need help for ideas! I play csgo manly Do u have some ides for me please comment down below! Have friend who I play with but they are not always down for recording with me sometimes they say yes and sometime they forget it ! so i need ideas to make videos alone !
  8. TwoTakes

    Ideas/ help please with short intro

    Hi YTTalk! We are really looking for advice and ideas for an intro for our video series Bargain Bin Blunder. We want something simple that non-verbally explains in 5 seconds or less the premise of our show: - we (a couple) go to a charity shop and get a very cheap dvd we have never heard of...
  9. GottaCatchDimal

    Funny life story ideas!

    Currently I'm making videos about my life. Not just my normal life, but weird things that have happened to me or things that I hate in my daily life. I've made videos about my college experiences, how much I hate mosquitoes, and my hate of picky eaters. These videos include real stories that...
  10. ApexTV

    Got any Top 10 Video Ideas?

    Hello YTTalk, we are running a little short on top 10 video ideas and would love to hear what you guys come up with. Our channel, ApexTV, makes countdown vids and would like to create some new top 10 videos so thanks in advance! The video ideas don't have to be original
  11. FraYoshi

    Subtitles on another property video: advantages?

    Now YouTube lets people to translate other youtuber's videos... Now I'm asking myself (and so to you too) what exactly is the advantage on translating contents of other youtubers? [except the satisfation of helping a friend or a youtuber we love, naturally] :twins: Initially I thought "maybe...
  12. NerdsWithSwag

    NerdsWithSwag Ideas????

    We have a couple ideas to do some music videos but nothing that would get us 1,000 views. Anyone have any ideas like comedy, anything?
  13. Smarty1two

    When Should I Produce Ideas?

    Ok, so I have a lot of Ideas for my channel and have been piling on more and more each day. The problem that I've come across is that some videos I don't want to make yet because of my skill level as a director and editor. I don't want to make a video when it could be better if I wait until I...
  14. Rendevouz

    Ideas Please?

    I've been having a hard time what to commentate about. I don't know what to or any ideas for a video. I don't do gaming since my mic is broken so whenever I type my laptop mic gets that noise and it's very annoying. Please Please help me.
  15. Leonard Melnik

    What should I name my new series?

    I am looking to create a new series on my you tube channel. I already made two vids and uploaded them on my channel, if you could check out my channel and recommend a name for the series that would be awesome. And while you are there please tell me if there are any other mistakes that I should...
  16. Leonard Melnik

    Looking for Ideas for tech channel

    Hi guys, I'm a YouTuber who has 85 subs and 1000 views. I have tried many ideas and they were not very successful. I just recorded a video on my setup and am currently uploading a video on upgrading an old pc. I would like to find ideas and people to collaborate with. You can contact me at...
  17. DavidThe SpanishNinja

    Youtube advice + funny

    made a video asking for ideas if i hit 100 subscribers (currently at 88) if you think it was funny subscribe or check out my other videos, i do SOCCER and GAMING content, thank you if you do spend time to actually check it out
  18. Rehannah

    Thoughts on Singers/Songwriters on YouTube

    So what do you all think about the YouTubers that do YouTube covers and get famous? Or what about the ones that aren't famous yet? What do you all suggest they do? What about those who think they aren't good enough and therefore don't put up anymore videos? Also do you all know any sites to get...
  19. CubedMadness

    Video Ideas.

    Hey people. We are wondering. What do you guys like to watch on YouTube?
  20. W

    Ideas or a serious for gaming videos??

    Hey guys so I recently started a YouTube gaming channel, I have uploaded a few good videos I am getting views but not enough content for people to SUBSCRIBE! Could u guys please help me come up with an idea for a gaming series (not walk through's of games, so many people do that)! Or ideas for...
  21. Grufidie

    Technology Video Idea

    So I am having trouble thinking of new video ideas for my channel - I really want to make a great video, but the ideas just won't come to me. My channel type has to do with technology, and generally new technology costs money. Are there any ideas out there in which no money needs to be spent...
  22. Moses Minchuk

    What are the best ways to grow your channel fast but yet staying in your niche?

    My second channel has videos but I found that my subscribers and views stay the same and it really stresses me out. Does anyone have any ideas of how you would grow your channel fast within a year?
  23. iimjoeyy

    What Inspires You To make Youtube Video's?

    Hey YTtalk friends! I want to know what it is that inspires YOU to make your next hot video. Do you talk to others for ideas? Do you watch other Youtube video's for inspiration? Do you just write down a bunch of random ideas until you hit one you like? We all get hit with "Creators Block" which...
  24. elPepin

    Why does my vid suck?

    Tell me what is wrong with this vid. 1. Is it boring? (keep in mind if you are a fan or not, perception counts) 2. Quality 3. Me??????? :( Please be kind. Suggestions of what to improve?
  25. Mr. Mythical

    Ideas for topics to talk about?!?

    Hey Guys It's Mr. Mythical and I have this dying question! What type of topics should I do for my kid friendly gaming channel? I Need Your Help! *edited by staff*