GNU lover ^^
Now YouTube lets people to translate other youtuber's videos...

I'm asking myself (and so to you too) what exactly is the advantage on translating contents of other youtubers? [except the satisfation of helping a friend or a youtuber we love, naturally] :twins:

Initially I thought "maybe people that translate the video will be shown on the description or somewhere else" but I cannot really find It anywhere... :spin:
do you have any idea? :rolleyes:

I read that if You have 3 submissions to 3 different channels You can ask to be a professional translator for YouTube.... (So People that asks for a professional translation will refer to YouTube and so to You)
but beyond this? :cautious2:
Hmmm I don't see anything on the caption help page about displaying people who help. But maybe if the content creator can see the name of the person who submitted the caption and they do a good job, they could get shouted out or manually added to the description. It also says multiple people can add on to the captions so maybe it's not possible to tell who added what?