1. O

    YouTube shorts to promote other channels

    Is this a good idea?
  2. ForbidenProdigy

    Multiple Channels vs One Channel

    Just curious of people's opinions on having multiple channels for different things (ie: gaming, vlog, etc) vs just having everything under one channel? Just started thinking about it when I seen Mini Ladd make a second channel for things other than gaming but others like Markiplier just keeps...
  3. BrettTaylorYT

    Should I make a second channel?

    Hey so I have a channel that I do photography vlogs and scary videos on. I’m really enjoying it and love this channel. But I kind of want to do gaming and maybe even rants/news things as well. Should I make a new channel for that even though I’m just starting out? Or throw it all on one channel...
  4. A

    New Channel New Ideas!!!

    Hello guys! Im here to create a discussion about new ideas that people should do about comedy or with skits! Any ideas will be looked at and I myself may recreate them and tag you, your yt or you name! Goodluck and have fun!
  5. Zaland Adams

    Channel Review Can someone give my channel a review. I just want to go in the right direction and make sure am doing stuff right.
  6. J

    How Many Channels Can I create In a Single ID (E-mail) Please?

    Dear All, I am a newbie and want to ask a simple question that how many channels can i make on one email ID. Thanks. Sindhjisada.
  7. DictionaryWrites

    How have you decided to customize your channel?

    What's your icon and banner like? Have you had them for a long time, or do you change them regularly? Did you make or edit them yourself, or did you commission them or the like? How important do you think they really are? Have you set up a trailer? Did you make a new, specific video for it or...
  8. N

    MCN for really small channels?

    Is there an MCN that is really good at making channels become successful boosting subscribers and active viewers? Are there any networks that are worth the support and really great at CPM or anything (even though I don't care much about revenue split) but I just want something to help the...
  9. A

    Machinima spam channels

    Hi, There are spam channels in this partner. How can we complain.I need help.
  10. P

    Falsely Suspended YouTube Channels That Were Maliciously Flagged And Discriminatorily Terminated

    Please help me recover my falsely suspended YouTube Channels that were maliciously flagged and discriminatorily suspended on April 6th. Falsely Suspended EpicGamingGalaxyHDContent Channel: Falsely Suspended MusicGamingKingHD Channel...
  11. O

    Anyone know when every YouTuber will get the Community Feature?

    I feel this would help out lots of Small YouTubers market their videos and multiple channels.
  12. A

    People who have multiple channels, are you subscribed to yourself?

    OK, let me explain what I mean. So let's say you have a main channel and then you also create an extra channel for other stuff (like vlogs for example). Does it make sense to subscribe to that other channel (yourself)? Even though it's your OWN channel? I've seen some people who are. Even huge...
  13. H

    Videos dealing with people going through adversity

    Hey all, How can I make more videos more engaging? For example, how do I get people to view and also to discuss in the comments the problems that my interviewees go through in their life? I believe the content is good (if not, feel free to critique), but I feel that it is not getting enough...
  14. Maarij Bashir

    How many YouTube channels are there?

    Just out of curiousty. I can't seem to find a good estimated number.
  15. Lightning Johnson

    Hello! I've just started my channel and would love any feedback!

    Hey guys! I posted my first video today on my channel, Lightning Johnson. The video is an unedited recording of my stream of No Man's Sky, titled "No Man's Thighs". I would love any criticism or instruction on how to improve my videos, channel, branding, etc. Anything helps! Let me know what you...
  16. KantoGaming

    I'm interested in your channels!

    Seriously, it's no joke :D I always love checking out fellow small youtuber channels, I think it's a great way to communicate back and fourth and make friendships! So, post a random comment below.. Like what your favorite food is, and I'll check out your channel link. :wavespin:
  17. S

    Review request

    Hello, I'm a new member as you can probably guess. I'm a 13 year old girl who is obsessed with bath bombs, candles and YouTube. I started a channel and the videos aren't that good but I'm learning as I go. I would love some feedback in areas I could improve. I know sound and lighting definitely...
  18. piaiscool


    Hello friends! I would love to hear your opinions about my very first style video! *Does my video make you sleepy? *What should I have done different? *Is my editing okay? *Is the volume too loud? *Say something about the actual content! you dont have to answer all those questions... just let...
  19. Scapestrato

    Is there a way to see which country the views are coming from on sites like SocialBlade?

    I know it's possible to see the top channels by country, but is there a site that makes possible to see the percentage of traffic coming from the different countries for a specific channel?
  20. Jayel_Boss

    Great vfx channel?

    Hayo everyone i just wanted to ask what is everyones opinion on which channel has the best vfx tutorials? I'm starting to get into the whole effects thing and i just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations. Anything will be helpful
  21. MegaCrasher

    I do weekly channel shout outs :]

    Pretty much as the title says mates. :] if anyone is struggling to grow and would like to get noticed, then hit me up. If you have a YouTube/Facebook and/or twitch that needs a buff, let me know in the comment section on my last Super Saturday shout outs. :] Subscribe, support and stay positive...
  22. O

    multiple channels

    Hello, I've posted about this before but have a follow up to my earlier thread. The Young Turks has like 5 youtube channels all about different topics. Rooster Teeth has different channels. and so doesn't many other YouTube companies. Since I'm going to be promoting my company doesn't it...
  23. LifeAsJenny

    Other Helping out other channels

    I trying to grow my channel. I'd love to help a few others grow there channel also. So i thought maybe we can promote each other in the feature box? My youtube channel is called LifeAsJenny. If you like to feature me that's cool. I'll make sure to add you back as well. Let's help each other out.
  24. TheBoothParadigm

    Request: Science Based Seminar Channels

    This may seem incredibly nerdy, but I love watching science seminars and discussions (particularly Psychology and Physics) from university's, colleges, ted talks and other such places. However it is hard to find a channel on youtube or even a forum on the web that consistently posts new...
  25. J

    If I become popular for movie reviews, can I do comedy as well?

    Hello everyone! I have one main channel based in comedic vlogs and films but I wanted to try and create a Movie Review channel. I love talking about films all day long, and I am a working filmmaker, so I think I would be good at it because it's my passion. My main goal is to MAKE films and...
  26. Tonix Gaming

    Gaming Youtube Collaboration / Network for small gaming channels (250-1000 Subs)

    Hello All! My Channel is called Tonix Gaming and we are a small gaming channel that uploads videos mostly consisting of CS:GO, GTA V, Rust, The Forest, and other steam games. We also have a series called "Free To Play Friday" in which we play a free game from the steam store. Anyways we are...
  27. FlubADubh

    How do I get better at commentating while recording!!??

    My channel is newish and i have trouble trying to commentate like Captainsparklez or Ashdubh I know I'm only just beginning but i need some tips on how to be a better commentator. Thank you for the help.
  28. B

    Can I retain my original upload dates if I move videos from one channel to another

    The title says it all. My current channel is my main one. I want to get a second one going, but I also want to be able to possibly change the date I uploaded the videos (when I have to download them and then re-upload to the second channel) to the dates I had them last. I want it to be like I've...
  29. FraYoshi

    Subtitles on another property video: advantages?

    Now YouTube lets people to translate other youtuber's videos... Now I'm asking myself (and so to you too) what exactly is the advantage on translating contents of other youtubers? [except the satisfation of helping a friend or a youtuber we love, naturally] :twins: Initially I thought "maybe...
  30. Wayne Howarth


    Hi folks I have been posting to Youtube for a little while, but watch a lot of videos on various subjects. I have a question or two as I have not been able to find an answer that I understand elsewhere. #1. I currently have two YouTube channels each attached to it's own Gmail account. I...