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Hello All! My Channel is called Tonix Gaming and we are a small gaming channel that uploads videos mostly consisting of CS:GO, GTA V, Rust, The Forest, and other steam games. We also have a series called "Free To Play Friday" in which we play a free game from the steam store. Anyways we are looking to really grow our channel and audience by collaborating with other youtubes. We are looking for channels with around 250 to 1000 subscribes and who play the same games as us. We have are own Team Speak that will be given to anyone who wants to collab with us so we can use that while recording and also hopefully we can collab often and make a small "network" of gaming channels. If you just want to record one video then that is fine too! If you want to collab just comment down below.

Hello Everyone! We are Tonix gaming, a small channel consisting of three friends who like to play and record different games on steam. Mostly CSGO, GTA V, Rust, The Forest, and some other free to play games. So if you play any of those games and are interested in joining a collaboration group/network then keep on reading!


So what my friends and I had in mind was to create a group of youtube gaming channels that would act sort of like a network and would collaborate with each other on different videos. We are looking for around 4-5 different YouTube channels to be a part of this group and as of now we have two channels. Tonix gaming and also another channel called "SleepingCorn" (275 Subscribers). We are looking for anyone but would prefer people who have anywhere from 250-1000 subscribers. However as long as you make good content and show potential then you can join us even if you don't have that many subs yet.


1. You Must Be 15 Years or Older

2. You must have quality material on your channel (Good Mic)

3. You Must have more then 10 videos and have at least 1 video from this week

4. You Must have Team Speak

5. Fun Personality and Easy to get along with and easy to work with in groups.


By Joining this Network we promise to include some benefits for all its members in order to help grow your audience and help create better quality videos.

1. Private Team Speak Server - Network members will have access to a 24/7 Private team speak server which may be used to collaborate with others and record or for just casual chat or to gain insight and learn tips and tricks from other network members

2. Exposure - By joining this Network your channel will be featured on the channels of every other members in order to grow your audience and gain exposure.

3. Monthly Giveaways* - This isn't 100% free but each month our network will hold CS:GO giveaways for supporters using the app "Gleam." If you are part of our network and give in a skin to be put into our giveaway then your channel will be featured in the giveaway and ways to enter. In order to gain submissions into the contest users can subscribe to your channel and anyone else who gave a skin to giveaway. (Tonix Gaming will always put at least one $5 skin into each monthly giveaway) I'm sorry if this sounds a bit confusing but this can be better explained later on if you end up joining our network.

4. Feedback and Suggestions and Tips - With multiple channels in our network you can look to us for any help or feedback you need on a video.

How To Join

If you are interested in joining please create an inquiry by contacting us using one of the methods below. When contacting us please make sure to include your YouTube channel name and link if possible. Also dont be afraid to ask any questions or concerns you may have. Also if you are sending us an email please make the subject "Collaboration". We should respond within 24 hours.

Email -
Skype - Tonix.Gaming
I don't have 200 Subs but I could help you get to 900 Subs. I like to play Minecraft, GTA V, CSGO and Black ops 3. My skype is tylercheesbro
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