If I become popular for movie reviews, can I do comedy as well?

JV Trammell

A Filmmaker/Vlogger attempting to make you laugh.
Hello everyone!

I have one main channel based in comedic vlogs and films but I wanted to try and create a Movie Review channel. I love talking about films all day long, and I am a working filmmaker, so I think I would be good at it because it's my passion. My main goal is to MAKE films and entertaining videos. I would keep working on both channels but I think if I made a Movie Review channel, it would grow much quicker, and I would enjoy doing it, but I'm afraid as only being known as the 'movie review guy'. I would hate for it to devalue my other content that I'm even more passionate about. What should I do? Do you think someone that has a specific channel genre, can be successful in making a completely different channel? It would be almost like if a tech reviewer started making comedy videos. Some of his audience would roll over to the new channel, but I doubt it would really become just as successful

Let me know what you think!
It's fine; unless you mix that in with a cooking and make-up show as well, it's not that big of a divide. Just do comedy and movie reviews on the same channel.
I don't think you're going to dilute anything, so long as you do both well. I think dilution happens when people flail around, trying to do everything and seeing what sticks, because they don't have a focus they really want to pursue. it sounds like you have your priorities and passions in order, so I say go for it.