Can I retain my original upload dates if I move videos from one channel to another


The title says it all. My current channel is my main one. I want to get a second one going, but I also want to be able to possibly change the date I uploaded the videos (when I have to download them and then re-upload to the second channel) to the dates I had them last.
I want it to be like I've had that channel for a long time (as long as I started doing videos).

Is it possible, or am I out of luck and it's best to just keep everything the way it is now?
You can't change upload dates on videos, it will always date them for when you uploaded them. The best you could do would be putting the original upload date in the title or description.
Nope, they will have new upload dates! But why go trough all that effort? Sick of your old channel name or something?
@TheDutchTexan: No. It's not the fact I'm bored with my current channel. I just would like to be able to not use my main channel for videos, and have the second channel for it instead.