upload dates

  1. Liam O’Doyle

    Committing to an upload schedule

    I’ve just recently announced in a video that i’m going to upload every Sunday evening. Something i’m doing to make sure I don’t miss it, is to upload when i have time in the week as “scheduled” so it goes live by itself. I’m going to try really hard to stick to this as i think it will be a...
  2. M

    How important is upload consitency?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how important is consistency when uploading videos, as in, if I upload on Mondays, should I try to always upload on Mondays? I know some channels say "new videos on Wednesdays" and things like that, is it necessary to always upload on the same date and are there any...
  3. TheMix

    Upload Schedule?

    My channel focuses around comedy such as skits and a few other different things. With that being said its hard to put out daily videos so we just post when we can. Should we just upload when we can or have certain days?
  4. B

    Can I retain my original upload dates if I move videos from one channel to another

    The title says it all. My current channel is my main one. I want to get a second one going, but I also want to be able to possibly change the date I uploaded the videos (when I have to download them and then re-upload to the second channel) to the dates I had them last. I want it to be like I've...