Multiple Channels vs One Channel


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Just curious of people's opinions on having multiple channels for different things (ie: gaming, vlog, etc) vs just having everything under one channel? Just started thinking about it when I seen Mini Ladd make a second channel for things other than gaming but others like Markiplier just keeps his things on one channel. Do you guys find it annoying to sub to two different channels or do you find it more convenient since they are trying to organize their diverse content?
I have a couple channels but I find it's really hard to consistently post to more than one. Some creators I will sub to multiple channels from but I don't think I've ever subbed to more than two from the same creator. Mostly because very few I watch can actively post to more than two consistently. Posting daily to two channels is really tough.

I'd say two channels is okay but more than that people usually can't keep up with the effort required unless it's like a team or a company of people running all the channels. Markiplier is such a known personality he can transcend his genre and still have a loyal audience for all kinds of topics. Most YouTubers, even some with over a million subscribers can't always do that well.
Yeah I see what you mean. I guess it mainly depends on your audience. However, like you were saying, I'd find it difficult to have to monitor multiple channels at once. Thanks for the reply!
As stated above, none of us are Markiplier.
I have been breaking off content themes into their own specific channels. This way, people can subscribe to the specific content that they desire. I can promote each one from each other if I want to. Plus my logos are symbiotic with each other.
I've been thinking off and on about splitting into multiple channels. But, since I hardly post already, I think it would just make my channel die... :S I think if you post a lot, you could probably afford to split things off. If you don't post a lot, keeping stuff in one channel (as long as it's kind of related), is probably the best. :)
This was common back in the early days of YouTube. To be honest, unless you have a sizeable audience and dedicated fans, you shouldn't create multiple channels. Sure, it's a good way to organize content and allow subscribers to "choose" the content they wish to consume... but they won't likely do that unless you have a generous amount of followers.

Multiple channels could possibly work if you, let's suppose, streamed and made content. Richard/ReviewTechUSA used to use this method (one main channel and one channel solely dedicated to posting streams), but it appears he abandoned that idea and just posts up all the content on his main channel.

Since I'm a tutorial/how-to channel, and very small, I just choose to post all content on one sole channel. Makes it easier for everyone. That's just my two cents on this topic.
I been thinking lots about this as well. I personally have decided that if the content is about me it should go under the same channel even if it’s not comical. If I’m talking about someone or something that’s not about me then it should go on another channel.
I would stick to one simply for convenience. Unfortunately over the years I have had to set up about 3 or four and regret most of them , because of forgotten passports, changed emails and blah blah blah. Keep it simple, you'll feel better about it in the long run.
I think that concentrating on perfecting one channel pays back better than dividing this effort and wasting the energy to perfect multiple channels