1. ForbidenProdigy

    Multiple Channels vs One Channel

    Just curious of people's opinions on having multiple channels for different things (ie: gaming, vlog, etc) vs just having everything under one channel? Just started thinking about it when I seen Mini Ladd make a second channel for things other than gaming but others like Markiplier just keeps...
  2. O

    multiple channels question

    Hello, So I've posted here before to ask this but now have a slightly different question. I know the advice before was keep everything on one channel but I've recently noticed that it's hard for people to tell if one if joking or not. I've noticed this lots with people who are comedians etc...
  3. O

    joining my Vlog channel with my main channel

    I am going to be joining my Vlog Channel with my Main Channel real soon. I haven't been getting the number of views or following with my Vlog channel as I hoped and it's been two years and I have 10 subscribers but my main one has over 100. It was pretty much stupid of me to even make a second...
  4. T

    Gaming Looking to play Gmod with someone

    Requirements: Must be 15 or older. Content must be good and entertaining. idc about sub count. (anything's better than none, right?) Must upload to your channel also (preferably frequently). Must live in North America or be flexible with time. I would like multiple people to all come and play...
  5. A

    People who have multiple channels, are you subscribed to yourself?

    OK, let me explain what I mean. So let's say you have a main channel and then you also create an extra channel for other stuff (like vlogs for example). Does it make sense to subscribe to that other channel (yourself)? Even though it's your OWN channel? I've seen some people who are. Even huge...
  6. O

    multiple channels

    Hello, I've posted about this before but have a follow up to my earlier thread. The Young Turks has like 5 youtube channels all about different topics. Rooster Teeth has different channels. and so doesn't many other YouTube companies. Since I'm going to be promoting my company doesn't it...