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May 8, 2016
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*If you get confused while reading this please just say what's confusing instead of not replying please.*

Alright so I want to say that I'm on Xbox one and my gamertag is amazingaming5. I have a microphone and I recently started making a trailer with my friend. Now before I say anything about what I need help with is if you're interested in joining just message me on Xbox. I'm a nice guy and we can have some fun and I know that acting can get boring, but if it starts to get boring you can just tell me and after we're done with what we need to do(scene) we can have some fun.

Now what I wanted to ask for is my friend and I have been struggling to come up with ideas. We did 2 scenes so far(a bank scene and one where I kill him in the IAA building with a revolver.), and I just need ideas for the trailer. I know trailers usually are 1-2 minutes and they have humor, entertainment and take the best scenes from the movie and make them appear better to catch appeal. But basically I need ideas for the trailer and I need more actors. I know if I go into game chat and chat with my mic, it'll move my player's mouth so I can use that.

But in a brief summary of what I'm saying is I need more actors and I need ideas for the trailer. If you leave an idea for the trailer I recommend putting the location it would work best at. I know some people as always will read things(usually private messages) and not reply(which is pretty irritating for lots of people including me.), but I guess that decision is up to them. I'll list the locations I was planning to do scenes at.

  • Strip Club
  • Bar
  • Michaels house
  • Humane Labs
  • Army base
  • Los Santos airport
  • Floyd's apartment
  • Possibly FIB building
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Mar 13, 2015
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I moved this to the video ideas / planning forum. ^_^