Twin versus Twin ideas


Loving YTtalk
Hey guys,
My twin brother and I compete against each other in our videos. We have 5 videos right now and a few more coming. The basic premise is to determine how alike and different we are. I'm going for kind of a mythbusters feel with some comedy. I'm looking for ideas that will not only be interesting, but look interesting when filmed.

Here is what we have so far:
1. Holding our breath underwater
2. Hot Dog competition
3. 100 Meter Dash
4. Milk drinking competition
5. Fire building - build a fire that boils water first.

The competitions need to be something where there is a clear winner because we are keeping a running tally of who's leading.

Upcoming we have
6. Golf - we play 3 holes against each other
7. Archery
8. Donating blood - who bleeds faster

These are either filmed, or filming soon.

Here are some other ideas we're planning

Arm wrestling
Memory - long term and short
Staring contest
Dozen donuts
6 beer
changing a tire
Punt, pass and kick - football
Madden 2017

Hopefully you get the idea. I'd love your thoughts on these ideas as well as others you think might be interesting for viewers.

Thanks so much for reading this.