1. AM2PM

    Eating A Dozen Glazed Donuts

    This is the 12th installment in our Twin Versus Twin series. We race to eat a dozen glazed donuts. This time we did it together. In the past we have done it one at a time and went against the clock. This was much more fun. We were facing off and the clock didn't matter. We just tried to swallow...
  2. AM2PM

    Cold Water Test - numb to the reviews

    This is #11. We put our hands in Ice water and whoever lasted longer won. I've included music now and we "tried" to be funnier in our commentary. Still learning and trying new things. Love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything. Thanks in advance.
  3. AM2PM

    Memory Test - Twin versus Twin

    Check out #9 in our Twin Versus Twin series. Andrew has won 4 in a row. I really need a win. We do a 3 part memory test.
  4. AM2PM

    Archery - We do it poorly

    This is the 8th in our twin versus twin series. I've put a lot of what I've learned here into this video and it's promotion. I'm excited to see if it is helpful. I'd love to hear what you all think of it. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. AM2PM

    Reiview our latest video - Why is it performing so poorly?

    This is the latest Twin Versus Twin. We released it Monday night and hoped the start of the NFL season might help but it's performance has been miserable. Haven't even broken 100 views. I added a teaser clip at the beginning that we hadn't done before and tried to make the sound and lighting...
  6. AM2PM

    Twins playing Madden 2017 (Not sure if this is gaming)

    Here is the latest video in our twin versus twin series. We are playing Madden, but I'm not sure I would consider it a gaming video. Please be kind. Thanks!
  7. AM2PM

    Review my concept

    Hey guys, I'd love to hear your input on the concept of our channel. We have a few older videos, but the main concept now is our Twin Versus Twin series. We plan on making a new video every week and the challenges will run the gamut of the imagination. Anything you can compete in we plan to...
  8. AM2PM

    Golf Playoff between twins.

    Watch my bro and I play golf. Tried to make it look like a professional tournament. Thanks
  9. AM2PM

    Hot Dog Eating Contest

    My bro and I race to eat 6 hot dogs.
  10. AM2PM

    Does my Intro suck?

    I know people say you shouldn't have an intro and I'm wondering if that applies to all types of videos. We have 5 Twin Vs Twin videos so far and they all have an intro. We have a short 3 second logo reveal followed by us introducing the video. We say the same thing every time. Welcome to AM2PM...
  11. AM2PM

    42 year old Identical twins race the 100 Meter dash

  12. AM2PM

    Twin Versus Twin - We race to drink 5 Pints of milk (WARNING - Vomit)

  13. AM2PM

    Twin versus Twin ideas

    Hey guys, My twin brother and I compete against each other in our videos. We have 5 videos right now and a few more coming. The basic premise is to determine how alike and different we are. I'm going for kind of a mythbusters feel with some comedy. I'm looking for ideas that will not only be...
  14. AM2PM

    Please review my channel - I'm ready willing and able to change

    Here is my channel: My brother and I started doing Big Brother videos, but have transitioned to our Twin Versus Twin series. That will be the focus. Thoughts, ideas, critiques? Thanks in advance.
  15. AM2PM

    How should I classify my channel?

    I'm struggling with how to identify my channel in terms of type. I look at the list Music, Vlog, Pets, comedy etc. Our channel is a little weird. We are identical twins and we compete against each other in a bunch of different things. We are trying to be funny, but is also a bit of an...