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Sep 1, 2017
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I record game play on an Xbox One S, which than gets uploaded to onedrive (downloaded back to computer, than uploaded to YouTube once I'm done editing. I use Audacity for audio recording and a mix of Movie Maker (which I am working to move away from due to it's limitations) & HitFilm Express (my main editor) I mainly have been using Movie Maker because of it's simplicity of editing clips together, but it's lack of advanced features (and some not so advanced) as well as being forced to process mp4's in a slow process before I can edit them together has been biting hard lately.

What I would like to do is output either a circle (I want to make my character-cam a circle) or output with transparency, I just found yesterday mp4 doesn't support that, and avi can result in huge files (hopefully not compared to mp4 lol since mine are huge) I was curious what you guys think about this situation, is it better for me to leave the character cam a square and say o well, or should I try using a different format?

I appreciate any response, thank you.

the built-in link doesn't work probably due to lack of a custom url from youtube.
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