1. R

    NFT Animation Software

    When it comes to creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and animations, having the right software is critical. A quality NFT animation software should have features that enable users to create high-quality graphics and animations with ease. In this article, we will look at some of the best NFT...
  2. cloudy_puff

    Services Minecraft Player Renders (First 3 Commissions Free!)

    Hi there, I am offering quick Minecraft player renders. Very customizable, choose positioning, items, armor, blocks or mobs! All are rendered with a transparent background. PRICELIST: 1 Player - £2 2 Players - £3 3 Players - £4 4+ Players - £5 Add a mob - £1 Blocks, armor & Items included.
  3. mRio

    Constructive Criticism. Honest Feedback

    Hope you guys are doing well. My name is Mario and I make comedy skits/vlog type videos with a humanoid robot character that I made. Nowadays, it seems really difficult to try to get views with skits. I am heard everything from make good thumbnails, niche, be different, etc etc. However, I feel...
  4. DTay Chaos

    Request Looking for a dope intro animation!

    Im wondering if anyone knows how to make cartoon intros like a squirtle squad intro or just a cool animated character if anyone knows anybody who can make fan art or do this for me please reply am willing to pay
  5. bluidguy

    My "Setup"

    I record game play on an Xbox One S, which than gets uploaded to onedrive (downloaded back to computer, than uploaded to YouTube once I'm done editing. I use Audacity for audio recording and a mix of Movie Maker (which I am working to move away from due to it's limitations) & HitFilm Express...
  6. LM7 Gamer


    I need voice actors for a gta 5 machinima series.:help: have a good mic dont be a squeaker good tone of voice I need people who can do these voices for episode 1 .African American male voice .Evil Russian male voice .English or American announcer voice .Intelligent American male voice .Two...
  7. V

    Request Drawn Avatar

    Can anyone draw me an avatar? I would be extremely thankful! I can do the banner all I need is someone to draw me a character, I will link you in every single one of my videos descriptions! :D
  8. Digital Puppets

    Services Live Cartoon YouTube Presenters

    Digital Puppets My Animation studio has started a new service Creating Digital Puppets that can be used to present shows on your youtube channels. Using Adobe Character Animator we are offering to supply Fully rigged Custom Cartoon designs that you can animate yourself using a webcam, these...
  9. McNuggetsPro

    Finished/Closed :(

    Guess this is closed now.... Guess I have to wait 3 years to be able to afford YouTube.
  10. CrazyMindedFilms

    Voice Acting Medium range male voice actor available for anything.

    Hello, My name is Aiden, and I am 16. I have my own youtube channel, mainly consisting of voice overs and commentaries. If you are looking for a voice actor, I have a fairly 'deep' voice. I am open to any opportunities and challenges given to me. I hope you would pick me.
  11. 123Zeus

    Request [Paid] Looking For A Custom Logo/Avatar

    I need a custom logo or avatar to start branding my channel with. I am willing to pay real money for the design. The price can be negotiated with me via skype or pm on this site; however I AM NOT looking for an art job in the hundreds. I am sorry but I can't afford that. I already have an idea...