video ideas

  1. SeñorDee

    I need your help!

    Hello, I am a small gaming channel and I want to upload a new video this week but I can't think of any video ideas, can you please help find ideas?
  2. A

    YouTube video ideas

    What are some good video ideas to do for a channel that is focusing only on a country? This country is Qatar.
  3. P


    Hey guys I have a channel called Petersiksmotors it’s an automotive channel and we would like to know what you guys think we should do and what you would like to watch! Thank you and appreciate your time and help!
  4. Lord Nugs

    Inspiration and video ideas

    Hey guys, so my channel is just starting out and it's going to be mostly gaming videos. I've been starting out just doing simple Let's Play's but I've been wanting to change that up. Basically what I'm trying to say is I'm not sure what kind of gaming videos I could do to try and hopefully make...
  5. Polar Sky

    American Watchers!

    Hey everyone! I'm getting into YouTube in 2019 after a 4 year hiatus! I'm pretty confident with my video ideas for next year - it'll be a mix of bass (guitar) videos, vlogs, a few videos with my girlfriend, story sharing, mini documentaries, etc, but always super keen for extra input! I'm an...
  6. PhysicsFreak101

    Can I have some feedback on some video ideas?

    I have a couple of video ideas that I would like some feedback on, and if anyone spots any idea that might cause problems for my channel it would be greatly appreciated that you respond with any issues or recommendations you have! Here are my ideas : 1) My own Anime Opening: I was thinking that...
  7. Ron Mann

    Trending topics right now?

    hey guys I was wondering if you guys could post some trending topics for vlog types videos. I am not really good at forgiving out what’s trending ya know. Thank you I’m advance!
  8. LifeWithAnnie

    Makeup videos

    I'm thinking of doing some creative makeup videos, but have a hard time choosing the styles, especially since my makeup sets are not professional at all. I've already done a "Woodland Elf" video and was thinking of some other mythical or made up creatures inspired makeup. But I also in a way...
  9. Kyonite

    YTtalk Podcast?

    So, I've had this stirring in my head for a while now, and my schedule is wonky so there's no way I could possibly make this work on a consistent schedule. I've been thinking about having a couple of defining members of the forum start a podcast and sometimes they're just all together and...
  10. TheDubaiNetwork

    5 Best Ideas for Making Videos

    5 Best Ideas for Making Videos Best Video means which is interesting and people want to watch and like and share so this is the best So Famous Topic on Internet is Pranks Makeup Tutorial Like Hacks Experiment Best Vlog Like MO Vlog and Fouseytube and Other Drawings for Kids Learning
  11. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Content Strategy - YOUR Hub, Help and Hero Video Ideas [CHAT & Q&A]

    YouTube Content Strategy - Hub, Help and Hero Videos [CHAT & Q&A] - To grow your youtube channel while keeping your existing subscribers happy you need to balance your content between HUB, HELP and HERO videos to grow your reach and make people want to stick around. WHAT IS HUB, HELP and...
  12. O

    commentary video ideas

  13. Kaitlyn Moore

    How Do I Get Video Ideas

    Hello! So lately ive had trouble thinking of video ideas since Im steering away from make up tutorials because mine sucked lol. But now I dont know what to post, I dont wanna do the same videos everyone else posts because it gets old.. So any tips you have for my channels videos would be great I...
  14. monicainit

    Video Ideas

    hello everyone! i upload vlogs, skits, advice etc and i'm always trying to be a bit original or creative with what i upload, which as most of you probably know can be quite difficult just wondered if anyone has some video ideas or topics to talk about to maybe spark my mind or any others...
  15. MikeSchimm

    Video Ideas Involving 100 Lemons

    Okay, so kinda weird, but for Christmas my brothers gift to me was a box of about 100 lemons lol, and I was wondering if anyone had videos ideas on what I could do with them. Preferably something crazy, stupid, and possibly "dangerous" to kinda fit the theme of my channel:biggrin:
  16. SeanTheMedium

    Desperately Need Help

    Desperately Need Help YT Talk Members. I am crazy passionate about Spiritual development, Making people laugh, Comedy, etc. However, I am finding it very hard to come up with Unique and different ideas for videos. I am not your typical vlogger type. My life is boring as heck. I don't want...
  17. Michele


    Hey, I'm Michele. Anyone know of any abandoned places or cool places to explore in DFW for an exploration video?
  18. PerfectlyJamie

    Lgbt+ Tv Show Q&A

    Hey my name is Jamie I run a Youtube channel based around Lgbt+ people. On this channel I have a talk show called "Lgbt+ Small Steps"! I talk to people about being gay, transgender, activists, feminists, and much much more! :) I would like to get at least two more people on for the end of the...
  19. M

    Video ideas vs blog ideas?

    Hey guys, so I have a blog connected to my channel but when it comes to coming up with ideas, I'm never sure which to use for videos and which to use for blog posts... Do you guys have any tips regarding the differences between video and blog ideas? I know this is kind of a vague question but...
  20. LiamK4


    Hi so I thought I'd make this thread so if anybody wants to share ideas they can use this thread to hopefully create different challenges and gain more VIEWS.
  21. Rory Hollinshead

    University Channel Ideas

    Hi everyone ! So come september im starting university and im thinking of starting a vlog/ videos about university to bring value to people who are going to be starting uni in the years to come and may other bits and bobs like challenge videos and pranks etc. Kind of a channel thats a little...
  22. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    UNLIMITED YouTube Video Ideas - 3 Tips On How To Find Video Topics

    Unlimited YouTube Video Ideas! How to find YouTube Video Ideas or Vlog Topics. Finding new ideas for YouTube Video Topics can be hard at times but I have 3 Tips On How To Find Video Topics which will give you Unlimited YouTube Ideas & YouTube Video Topic Ideas so you never have to worry again...
  23. Flufflesthefluffy

    More Minecraft Video Ideas?

    Hello everyone! Right now I'm sort of on a recording spree (recording 3-4 videos each day). I have a bunch of ideas for videos but I also love the idea of reaching out to the youtube community for more awesome ideas! So, if you have any ideas for some Minecraft videos, go ahead and drop them...
  24. Quick Question

    Content Creation - It's All About The Concept!

    Hello fellow YouTubers, I am new here and I am still getting used to posting on forums and liking and this and that. I started this at a bad time because while I am excited to be involved here I joined really late in the day so I have to go to bed ASAP. Before I go I wanted to let you all in on...
  25. JCamb

    Any Ideas for a milestone video?

    I had recently hit 700 subscribers but I don't have any ideas of a video, Any suggestions?
  26. Maia Hadfield

    Vlog teen vloggers!!

    okay, so i haven't posted on my channel in probably over six months, shame on me. that's mainly because i want to change the look of my channel to nice and not so gross. I'm looking for people to collab with so we can help each other with ideas and promote each other! let me know if you're...
  27. M

    Workout videos, difficulty?

    Hey everyone, My channel is mostly focused on exercise videos but I'm thinking about changing the format of my videos a bit... One of the things I thought about adding to my videos is "difficulty level". Do you think it's necessary? My biggest concern with this is that everyone is different...
  28. M

    "Update" videos, yes or no?

    Hello YTers, I started my channel about 6 months ago and had some personal issues that prevented me from posting anything until now. I got comments asking for new videos and now that I am able to get back into it, I decided to make a short one minute "update" video telling my few subscribers...
  29. Blunt Brittany

    100 Subscriber special ideas???

    So I just hit 100 subscribers, YAY! and I am wanting to do a 100 subscriber special video that will be fun/funny that my subscribers can enjoy. Any suggestions would be great. It can be a challenge, a Q&A, anything! Let me here some ideas! Thanks! :)
  30. Zydash

    Content Ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm not gonna lie, ever since I surpassed 100 subscribers, I had completely forgotten about YT-talk until today. I've been gaining subscribers at a decent pace but I know that I can do better. I know what I can do, which is make very unique content. However, it's tedious to do so...