video ideas

  1. Kade2110

    Need Video Ideas!

    Hey guys, on my channel, I am starting to run out of some quick come up video ideas, because my daily schedule is so busy I haven't been able to upload because I don't have any ideas, then it becomes too late. Are there any cool ideas I could do so that I can get back on my daily upload...
  2. PMighty

    series idea?

    Im starting a series on my gaming channel (of me playing battlefield hardline with commentary) and In the series i dont wanna talk about the game, i wanna talk about something else that'' interest people! these are my ideas, let me know what you think and list more ideas?: -life stories...
  3. TheFreshBiz

    Weekly Tech Series Ideas? PLZ HELP

    Hey! Judging from the title you may have already realized that I am a tech youtuber but much like many other curators of many different genres consistency is my weakness. I am looking for some ideas for a tech series that won't break the bank, that I can easily maintain between work and school...
  4. everill

    Gaming video Ideas

    A lot of people game and a lot of people do youtube so why not throw out some good ideas for gamers and their videos. So here is a short list i have in mind feel free to use them: -Of course gameplays - reviews on your favourite games - top list of games you enjoy - weekly free game...
  5. AliKat

    Which game should I play?? [ASAP]

    Just got an Elgato Capture card for my PS4, and I'm not sure which game to do an LP on. I need to record tonight as I won't have time over the next few days, so I really need help choosing as all the games are the same to me. The choices are Bloodborne Until Dawn The Last of Us Witcher III Dark...
  6. DuncanT


    Hey guys! So I've been working on YouTube every evening and weekend for the past 2.5 months. I love doing this, but even getting a little growth a day makes me happy. One like a day brightens up my day like nothing else can. But... I kinda hit a wall. I don't really know how to create some of...
  7. javacentral

    Halloween video about coffee?

    I'm really wanting to make a video about halloween or something scary but I've learned that's kind of tough when your videos are about coffee. Any ideas?
  8. JustCallMeCass

    How do i think intersting titles for my videos

    Hey guys ! If anyone does not mind i would love if you could take a look at my latest video... I feel like i need to make more interesting video titles and are my thumbnails to much ? Let me know any constructive feed back ! but be a little nice haha im so invested in my vids
  9. javacentral

    Videos about coffee ideas?

    So I've made videos about coffee killing people, coffee in different countries, reviewing coffee, and mixing gross stuff in coffee. I'm open to expanding on these ideas already but I'm open to any other ideas for a video that I haven't thought of yet.
  10. Kolbee Squire

    Any video ideas?

    I only have a internal webcam which is low quality, a laptop, and a green screen. Any ideas are welcome just keep what I have in mind.
  11. KiddieToysReview

    How do you plan your videos?

    Howdy Y'all, As an overall strategy to plan your future videos, what do you do? Do you plan out 1-5 videos, or 10-20 videos out front? Do you plan based on a overall topic for all your videos, or specific playlists with highly related content? Do you do "1 off" videos that don't ft your other...
  12. Owen Tonks

    Video strategy and finding ideas

    I have a question... YouTube suggests using a strategy involving three types of videos for channels: Help content - evergreen, searchable content that informs people Hub content - regularly created content designed around viewers' interests Hero content - content that may appeal to a broad...
  13. Missy

    Need help thinking of video ideas!

    I want to add more dynamics to my channel to help it grow, I do a Ghostly Encounters series, Beauty series and just random story times in between. I have a hard time thinking of ideas since I am new to everything still. If anyone can take a look at my channel and help me brain storm it would be...
  14. VisionSkillz

    What would you do?

    So, I've been doing YouTube for around 1 year properly on my channel. And I want to start off by saying YouTube is my DREAM job, nothing tops it. I just wanted to know your opinions on this, I've been stuck on what to do for a while on YouTube because I really want to grow, I want to know. how...
  15. xDrizy

    YouTube Upload Idea List. HELP

    Everyone I Have a Nice Active Channel And I Love Posting Video's But I've Been Running Out Of Idea's For Video's. What Do You Like To See In A YouTuber As Of Content Wise?
  16. Lizzeelive

    What types of things do you say in a channel trailer?

    I want to make an updated channel trailer, but don't know what to say. I want to actually tell about me as well as the channel. What type of things should I say? What types of things did you say in your channel trailer?
  17. SeanFace101

    What sort of video(s) can i make about Pokemon Go?

    What sort of video(s) can I make about the game Pokemon Go? I play it a lot, just wondering what I could do for a video about it? :P :D
  18. Nhalez

    Video Block?

    now I haven't ran into this problem yet but I hear a lot about it. A lot of content creators I have spoken with have told me how they have all these brilliant ideas but sometimes they use all of them and are left with video block or (Running out of video ideas). How do you personally fix this...
  19. TheOnlyRail

    I've Got A Few "Ideas"

    So bulldozing around town today I came up with a few video ideas for my Pokemon channel (artwork pending). So I'll list them below. Video Ideas; Type Videos -ie what each type is super effective against, weak to, the strongest of that type and the weakest Team Types - Can't really think of...
  20. W

    Review and ideas for future videos!!!

    Hey Guys, i would really appreciate if you guys can just review my channel, not so i can get views but because i wanna know what i can do better and also what like topics you guys think i can do for future videos?? But if You want a basic idea, my channel is pretty much a gaming channel where i...
  21. AshEs2016

    Help with video ideas!!!

    So my channel is mainly about advice, hauls, product reviews, and some rants. I've only started this channel a few weeks ago and I'm already running out of ideas! I want to do more videos that are related to relationship advice. I was in a long distance relationship and I've posted a few videos...
  22. Wisgyy

    Need a video idea on gaming

    hi im just trying to figure out an original idea on gaming, if you have any type of helpful response feel free to respond. im a small channel so i have room to experiment with different ideas but want some opinions and suggestions from other people in the community. THANKS!!!
  23. DanDaSimmer

    Best COLLAB ideas?

    Hey everyone, My friend and I both run YouTube channels and in the next few days we're going to collab and film a video for each of our channels. Previously on his channel we played a game where we pulled as many questions out of the hat in a minute and we had to answer each question but lie...
  24. KillG

    BEST Idea For A New YouTube Channel!!!!

    Hey guys, I've been wondering if you guys have any ideas for a new youtube channel. I recently changed my channel type from 'gaming' to 'entertainment'. I have deleted ALL the vids that are on my channel and want to start fresh. I fyou guys/girls could tell me what YOU like to see on youtube...
  25. Kxmier

    Check out my channel - Kxmier

    My link to my channel doesnt work so just search up my channel - Kxmier current subs - 62 current views - 633
  26. Kxmier

    Gaming Read carefully ( YouTUbe Ps4 Collab )

    i'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 62 current views - 619 Email- Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...
  27. Kxmier

    Gaming Read carefully ( Youtube Ps4 Collab )

    i'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 61 current views - 619 Email- Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...
  28. Onister Gaming

    Video Ideas!

    Can you tell me what you thought of the ideas i put out there!
  29. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Italy

    I thought this would be a super neat series to do, discovering coffee from different places around the world! I worked pretty darn hard on this one so let me know what you think!