video ideas

  1. AntoNeo

    Input? Intro Video

    So I'm planning on making an "introduction"-type video in order to connect with potential subscribers/future audience. I was thinking that maybe I could do one of those "25 Things About Me" tag videos, but I'm not sure...what have you guys done (vloggers mainly) to connect with your audience?
  2. Tayo

    500 Sub Special!!

    I woke up to my channel getting a little over 500 subs the other day! This is absolutely amazing for me and a huge milestone, personally. I'm pretty anti-social and awkward, so people liking my content and coming back for more really means something to me. Thank you all for supporting me...
  3. darkstarmedia

    Hey, Guys! I Need Your Help!

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely day/night/phrase relating to time that is relevant to your respective time zones. As we all know, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'm looking to create an educational video in honour of that. I'm just a little stuck on what focus on, as there...
  4. Rehannah

    Need Questions for Valentine's Day Q&A

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about uploading a Valentine's Day Q&A some time soon and I was wondering if you can leave questions below? Nothing inappropriate or weird. Anyways thanks in advance ~Rehannah
  5. Zivlon

    Do You Have Any Minecraft Video Ideas for Me?

    What's up guys, Zivlon here! I am struggling to find some video idea's for my channel. I would like it to mostly be a Minecraft idea and I would want it to be original nothing like anybody else has done. If you could give me some idea's that would be great! To thank you, when the video comes up...
  6. skepticalvoid

    I need gaming video ideas!!!

    So i post gaming tutorials and pc build videos. my subs like my gaming tutorials most. i want to post counter strike videos but idk what to do. i want to buy an elgato for my xbox one so i can make zombie videos. i think thats what seems to be trending in the cod community. i have a good PC so i...
  7. Oran C

    Help I Need Video Ideas!!

    Hi everyone i am having trouble coming up with video ideas. can someone suggest a video. I usually post computer tutorials.:help:
  8. ApexTV

    Got any Top 10 Video Ideas?

    Hello YTTalk, we are running a little short on top 10 video ideas and would love to hear what you guys come up with. Our channel, ApexTV, makes countdown vids and would like to create some new top 10 videos so thanks in advance! The video ideas don't have to be original
  9. Laura Pierson

    Video Ideas

    Hello everyone I was wondeing if you could help me with some video ideas. I'm a college student at Grand Valley State University and live in the dorms so I almost never have any good lighting to work with. My channel is primary a lifestyle vlog like Zoella and Aspyn Ovard's but I'm open to any...
  10. Oran C

    I Need Video Ideas

    i need help with video ideas my channel is about computer tutorials and some programming stuff but mostly i am a tech channel so i need techy tutorial ideas.
  11. W

    Ideas or a serious for gaming videos??

    Hey guys so I recently started a YouTube gaming channel, I have uploaded a few good videos I am getting views but not enough content for people to SUBSCRIBE! Could u guys please help me come up with an idea for a gaming series (not walk through's of games, so many people do that)! Or ideas for...
  12. GooberVlogs

    Do You Write A Script?

    wazzzup yttalkers =) What do you all do when you have a idea for a video. Do you guys like to write down a script or do you just wing it, I personally just wing it, if I come up with a sketch idea I will just think about different ideas on whatever topic and wing it. I have a BIG imagination...
  13. MyNameIsLauren

    Truth or Dare

    HI everyone! I was hoping to make a truth or dare video! If u have any truths or dares please comment them below! Thanks!!
  14. iffie

    Video ideas?

    Hello everybody! I have recently began a weekly series on my channel, it is called Chit Chat Wednesday where I just want to talk about pretty much anything. I have the idea of talking about media, giving advice, personal stories and etc.... However I really need topics to discuss because...