Help I Need Video Ideas!!

Oran C

Hi everyone i am having trouble coming up with video ideas. can someone suggest a video. I usually post computer tutorials.:help:
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Well seeing your problem, there are a few things i could see you doing from here. Since you can't think of ideas you could:

1. You could try something new. If your having trouble with computer tutorials you can just step out of your comfort zone. Do something fun but not too far off from what you would normally do. For instance, I normally do gaming videos but i was getting bored and running out of games to play so i started writing scripts for comedy videos. Thats just the easiest example i could think of. Just make sure you have fun with it. Make sure though that you do not post any content as "filler" that has no meaning to you, it just wouldnt be as good of a video. I'm a comedy guy so the best example I can give you is some kind of skit written around computer things. Like the difference between a good pc and a bad pc or something.

2. You can sit there and just brainstorm for a couple of hours. Get yourself deep into the internet and just let yourself get creative. Make sure you stay away from the dark part of the internet though. That will scare you more than help you. :p

3. If it really comes down to it man, just take a break for a while. Do not let it stress you out. If your having trouble coming up with a video, step back, maybe post an update video or something, and just take a break. It may seem like you would be letting people down by not posting but it would let them down more if you posted something half done just for content. Make sure that when you come back, you have ideas that YOU are good with.

I really do not know though, this is a hard topic to help with because my idea of a good video is probably different from you idea of a good video seeing as how I do comedy and you do tutorials. I can't really tell you what i think you should make. I hope this maybe helped a little bit. Goodluck!