Hey my name is Jamie I run a Youtube channel based around Lgbt+ people. On this channel I have a talk show called "Lgbt+ Small Steps"! I talk to people about being gay, transgender, activists, feminists, and much much more! :) I would like to get at least two more people on for the end of the series. Depending on you the questions could vary. An example you can look at is on my channel. :)
I do have some requirements for this!
1. You must have at least 1k and up.
2. You must be in the lgbt+ community, activist, or feminist.
3. You must have Skype
4. Be willing to advertise this on your channel or put it into a playlist on your channel.
5. Be on time and have a date for us picked!

If you don't fit the requirements or just don't feel conformable sharing your story to people on your channel and mine. The second season starting next Spring (though we would record it this year) is going to be about anonymous story's! So You would "send" in your story and I'd read it on camera it's as simple as that! :)

I hope you all have a great day! <3