1. Victoria

    Coming out - short film

    Finding out you are gay is difficult. Being the first person to come out in a Catholic school is even harder. Although I am atheist, I struggled with my sexuality and religion a lot growing up. I was torn between a need to confess, and the safety of staying silent. While my school's religious...
  2. PerfectlyJamie

    Other Looking for Lgbt+ Youtubers, Activists, and Feminists for Tv Show!

    Hey guys my name is Jamie. I have a channel based around lgbt+ people. At the moment I have a series called "Lgbt+ Small Steps". The season is on its way to a end, I have two spots open for this last season! But you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and up! The second season which I hope to...
  3. PerfectlyJamie

    Lgbt+ Tv Show Q&A

    Hey my name is Jamie I run a Youtube channel based around Lgbt+ people. On this channel I have a talk show called "Lgbt+ Small Steps"! I talk to people about being gay, transgender, activists, feminists, and much much more! :) I would like to get at least two more people on for the end of the...
  4. AshtheMonster

    Comedy Anyone do LGBT humor channels?

    I have an transition channel where I joke around a lot and talk about my funny experiences as a trans person. Any other similar blogs that would want a collab?
  5. AshtheMonster

    Vlog Any LGBTQIA vloggers out there?

    I run an LGBTQIA channel and would be very interested in doing a collab: dedicated video with someone OR a shout out if we have similar channels.
  6. JayJay Kennedy


    HEY EVERYONE! This video means so much to me and i wanted to share my story with you guys! Thanks for watching! like comment and subscribe
  7. JayJay Kennedy


    Hi everyone:wavespin: we just started to vlog and also wanted to see if you like our content! We wanted to do something a little different so hope you enjoy it! ;) Let us know what you think! :dance:
  8. Danny.K

    I'M BAAACK!!!!!

    Hey guys!, well its been a while but I'm back now!. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at filming "A Day In The Life" :) please check it out and let me know what you think, also please like a subscribe! btw make sure to watch in HD

    Gay Dating and Break ups! - ft Isaak Serrano and Boyfriend Dikran

    I'm so proud of this video you have no idea! It took me 3 days to edit together!!!! Not because it was hard but because all the fricken files were exported out wrong and I had to deal with it! It came out so so good though. I'm so happy with it, its funny, informative and well presented. It...

    Vlog 500+ Subscribers looking to interview youtubers

    Hey everyone, My names Liam I make videos under Liamodearme. I'm looking for some people to interview over the next couple weeks. I'm looking for: Straight people Gay people Individuals that would be open about talking about their mental health My channel is geared toward talking about...