Video ideas vs blog ideas?

Merlina Rodas

I've Got It
Hey guys, so I have a blog connected to my channel but when it comes to coming up with ideas, I'm never sure which to use for videos and which to use for blog posts... Do you guys have any tips regarding the differences between video and blog ideas? I know this is kind of a vague question but I'm not really sure how else to ask it lol
Anything that comes to your mind can be a video or a blog post, it all really depends on what you want to do. Since you're a fitness trainer, you could blog about healthy eating tips and then you could make how-to videos on how to do exercises properly and vice versa. I don't know if I helped at all lol but if you have an idea, think about what would be more logical: making a video about your idea or blogging about it.
TLDR: If it can be both a video and a blog, make it both by putting basic info in the video and more in-depth info in the blog, then connect the two by putting the blog post in the YouTube video description and the YouTube video in an embedded video on the blog.

The way I see it, I'd rather see a video than read an article, but if you combined the two it'd be even better. So if it's between one or the other, I'd mostly lean towards videos, even if they're short lists of fitness tips or natural beauty advice. Seeing and hearing always enhances understanding and is easier than reading, in my opinion.

Personally, though, if I saw a video on how to do a workout, it'd be cool if the video had the basic steps, but the blog had a more in-depth description of what you're supposed to be doing and feeling to know you're doing it right. And if I saw a video on health tips, it'd be nice to have an extension blog post describing more about that kind of health tip (i.e. what kind of things, foods, and workouts to combine with that type of tip, similar health tips, links to more sources explaining why the tip is important, etc.). Also, even with your recipes, you could have in your blog links to similar recipes on your channel, other foods you could combine with these recipes to make a full meal, which of your recipes go with this one, how to get any special supplies you'll need for the recipe, etc.

Mainly, combining your blogs and videos will make your videos more concise, help you clean the descriptions, and allow you to expand on what you've said in the videos without taking too much time from people who aren't quite sure they're interested yet. This way you can make the videos easier to watch, and thus, hypothetically, more people will watch them all the way through, and any lack of information will just get people interested in more information, so they'll be more likely to go to your blog for expansions on topics discussed in the videos.

But if you did this, the blog wouldn't have to only be an extension of the videos. Some videos may not need extensions, and some blog posts may not need videos. This blog and video combination style is mainly to reduce the need to decide between videos and blog posts if you have an idea that could be both. Anything else, just make it what it needs to be, whether that's a blog, video, or combination of both.
Your question is actually a good one. I am setting up a "do both" system myself (still working out my niche) I am going to do the articles first - then have the video be a sort of general info type of thing / see article if you want to know more.

The article part is a good place to put all your references and any details the viewer will need to interact with. Say if you suggest a book or another product. You can also put more links in an article than you can a video too.

I would say the line would be if you are just going to make a one paragraph article - then just keep that as all video. The same goes with if you need them to see something - that should just be video as well.

Hope this helps.