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Hello fellow YouTubers,

I am new here and I am still getting used to posting on forums and liking and this and that. I started this at a bad time because while I am excited to be involved here I joined really late in the day so I have to go to bed ASAP. Before I go I wanted to let you all in on a secret to video planning and creation.

Before I started my YouTube channel I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I only knew that I wanted variety and massive amounts of material to base videos off of while also inciting consistent interest, excitement and curiosity with each new upload. When I started my channel I, first, noted potential issues with a YouTube channel

- Small variety in video topics means less material (A channel only about shoes can lose unique, new ideas fast if setup wrong)
- No flexibility (If a trend breaks out and your channel only talks about Movie Problems i.e CinemaSins you can't do a video to capitalize on it without having fans question, potentially unsubscribing) which also goes in to how each video is made.
- Using CinemaSins as an example, they do a sin counter and talk about a movie every video and while this works for them it never changes, they can never switch it up and just remove the sin counter because it conflicts with what their channel is about. Doing so would potentially lose them subscribers and views.
These problems can be avoided but it depends on how you tackle your channel concept.

- Figure out what you enjoy (Passion is the most important when it comes to making videos about something)
- Find a focus on your concept and do it every time. Only change the topics covered. (CinemaSins has good structure which is why they are popular and beloved but it only allows them to change the movie they are reviewing, what they dislike about it and that's it. They are pinned down to this structure, they can make other content but it will not be as popular i.e they're cooking series)
- Start your concept ASAP (Even if your structure is weird or unusual, if people like the style they will stay regardless, if you change your structure regularly viewers may be thrown off even if they are fans of the topic you are discussing)

- I love film, television, gaming, discussing people and the world so those are the topics I cover
- I use questions every video to incite curiosity and viewer interaction (Viewers ask questions)
- Only one question and one topic per video (Thumbnail optimization, what you see is what the videos about)
- I can start each video off however I want and I can answer each question however I want (FLEXIBILITY)
- To generate interest in each video I change the question and the topic
This structure makes it so I can cover anything I want (FLEXIBILITY) but also have enough structure (CONSISTENCY) so that viewers know what they are getting themselves in to before they even click the video.

There are many ways to structure your videos and your channel. It's up to you to decide how you want do that but keep these things in mind moving forward, they might come in handy. I hope I could be of help to you and your channels.

Thanks for reading!

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