1. S

    Longer or Shorter video titles?

    i m new in youtube, i am planning to upload about about biochemistry of Enzyme kinetics. I ve done my research and have found that the key word "enzyme kinetics" is pretty competitive but "enzyme kinetics biochemistry " is less competitive (acording to VidIQ extension). I really dont know if i...
  2. Foster

    cant see my ORIGINAL video when i search his title

    I upload my hard worked video, search some good keywords in tube buddy 95% (excelent) add some tags (this video tags appear 40x in title and description) from desc. and title and i DONT SEE my video, If i search my video title i dont find him, dammit this algorhytm is sh** ONLY what i found, is...
  3. Fitness Buffhq

    Video Title

    How long a video title should be?
  4. M

    How Do I Rank My Vlogs?

    I know people don't go searching for vlogs, but how can I make it so that when they are searching for something, I also pop up. This will give me a greater chance of getting clicked on, but I don't know how to get my vlogs to ranks. I've watched countless videos on ranking but none have been...
  5. M

    Translations of descriptions, titles and tags - problem

    Hi, I have a short question-I'm from the Czech Republic. About a month ago, I focused on English-speaking people. I'm also writing tags in English, translating subtitles, descriptions, tiitles etc. Now, I've been downgraded views to 90% from USA and England, Australia etc.... How is it possible...
  6. M


    Hello all, hope this is the right category for this question... I want to do a series of workout videos for partner workouts and I wanted to name the series "do you even lift your partner" but I also feel like "do you even lift?" has a negative and almost demeaning connotation to it. What do...
  7. VRONA

    Catchy Title Ideas for New Video

    So a few weeks ago I posted a Pokemon TAG opening video that did extremely well. It got 30 views in one day, a record on my channel. Because it did so well I decided to make a new one. In this one I will open some Burning Shadows expansion cards, the latest expansion to the game, so I want...
  8. Heaven Dancer

    Thumbnail Title Ideas

    Hello, I am needing advice on a thumbnail title. I am creating a "how to" video on a ballet move called a balancé and how to use it for worship flags (using the dance movement to move around the church). My niche is small and the biggest "competitor" uses the title "Flag Tutorial". That's not...
  9. mikeliveslife

    I have a question about a Title.

    What's up guys. I just made a video to which I figured out what I think is a good title, but then thought about it for a second and figured that the title is intringuing and clickable but not searchable. And my question is at a beginners point is it better to have a title that is searchable or...
  10. KTP

    Is updating any meta data/thumbnails on old videos worthwhile?

    If this has been asked and answered already, I apologize. But does it make sense to update meta-data (title, description, keywords etc) or thumbnail on an old video? Or not so much? I know our channel is too small and in the early stages for it to help, but this is more of a general question...
  11. Onlygamertom

    Im Looking for tips newbies can use for titles and tags

    Hi I'm Thomas and I'm wondering what tips people can give on titles and tags. So far from looking around for Titles I've seen: 1-use titles that have a hook and people will want to click on, 2-use titles that match exactly what your video is about and then others 3-saying make it as long as...
  12. Sinc

    Le Banners Showcase

    Finally got to like stage 2 of 3 in my banner, and i would love to see you guys banners, just gyazo them and post them below! Are yours done? Is this the final banner or do you plan on changing it in the future?
  13. SeanFace101

    Can Old Videos With Low Views Get Ranked High Now?

    I was wondering if it is possible for old videos that have been uploaded years ago and never did get a lot of views (below 100), can they still get ranked high now if the tags are updated, better title, descriptions, etc..? Will it be harder for them too rank high now because they haven't for so...
  14. Adeelcool

    How Are viral videos made ?

    so, i want to spread an Awesome massage, and it going viral would help a lot are viral videos made by the title or the thumbnail or the content or the production value or do all of them play a big part in making a video go viral, or would the massage of the video make it go viral or do only...
  15. SaberOfMoonLight

    Help me name a series!

    I'm working on a series about hacking games, and I need a name for the series. I don't just want to call it "Hacking (blank)," I want to have a clever name, like A+Start's "Son of a Glitch" series. If you have any suggestions, please post them below. I'll look at them and choose a name, and when...
  16. EdgarsToySurprise

    Title/Description/Tag Feedback Please.

    So I posted a new video today, and I cannot get it to rank on any of the keywords I targeted (Shopkins Blind Basket). Tag Buddy gives a Keyword Score of 83/100 with the Search Volume as Very High and Competition Low. This includes on weekly/monthly filters. Can someone illuminate what I'm doing...
  17. Scapestrato

    Using hashtags in video titles?

    I saw some people starting to do that, especially in the kids niche. Basically the title from MY VIDEO TITLE becomes #MY #VIDEO #TITLE Anybody knows any perks in doing that other than looking extremely spammy?
  18. Old Tin Man

    Video Title Help

    Hey guys, I have been on the YouTube train for almost 6 months now and I have been doing well, although recently I haven't been gaining as many views as I normally am. I have two very popular videos that get searched every day, My first Fallout 4 & Until Dawn videos. All of my other videos are...
  19. Callan Wills

    FIFA 16 Alter-Ego Championship | VOTES ARE IN

    @Galvin Lee @CaptainDelugo @Shehzad @OfficialZekeStorm A while back, votes were cast for a new series I was doing. These were the final two that are going for the title to kick-off the series. A date for the match is yet to be thought of. @Selim Keles Finally been decided.
  20. Callan Wills


    Which of these alter-egos would you like to see face off against each other for the championship title? Comment down below @Selim Keles @Pierre Maynard @KLENK @Jawad Soomro
  21. WilBajamas

    Premiere Pro Subtitle Sequence

    Hi guys, I've been making and editing videos for about 3 months. And I did put some subtitles in my gaming videos but I only know how to make a full subtitle. For example I make a sentence of subtitles and the whole sentence just pops out. I wonder if anyone can teach me to make the title's...