Old Tin Man

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Hey guys,

I have been on the YouTube train for almost 6 months now and I have been doing well, although recently I haven't been gaining as many views as I normally am.
I have two very popular videos that get searched every day,
My first Fallout 4 & Until Dawn videos.
All of my other videos are simply not in the search most of the time.
I use all the tags I can possibly use for each video, but still that barely helps.

I post videos every Mon-Thurs. So I have around 180 videos at the moment.

I know it's probably the title of my videos, although I have been organizing my videos by:
"Game Title: Episode Name - Episode # - Show Title(Ex. Solo, One-Offs, etc.)"

You can take a look at my channel to see what I mean:

I make playlists for each game series and I organize everything.
I want to see what I should be naming my videos to get more attention to my videos.
I am very proud of my videos and love sharing them.
I just would like someone with similar eyes to look at this.

Thank you in advance,
Old Tin Man
Hello Old Tin Man! I love your channel. Everything is succinct and well thought out. If I had to make a criticism is would be that your titles are too long. I can tell that you love organization so I would hate to mess that up for you. I would try putting up an eye catching phrase followed by the game name and video number. Ex. YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? | Goat Simulator #1 That's how I do my titles anyway. Other than that though I think your channel is great. Keep up the good work!
Hey Martyvader,

Thanks for the reply and for the kind words!
I appreciate the criticism and am working on planning on changing my titles.
I am glad you see my situation, haha!

Do you see a good amount of videos found in the search engine for YouTube, based on your titles?

Thank you again,

-Old Tin Man