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  1. N

    Would it be okay if I keep on bugging social media friends to sub me?

    I really have no idea in growing a YouTube Chanel - I maybe dumb for this. But with all honesty, all I do is ask my friends in social media to sub me and support my channel. However, I noticed that they are now ignoring my messages and posts. I think I made a mistake. Can you recommend a better...
  2. Brittneytaylorwg

    Help! How can I get my videos to upload faster?

    Hello, I really need help... My dad was mad at me for uploading to YouTube because it was ruining our wifi for his game all night and he almost closed it out he told me so I really need help on how to get them to upload within a few hours or something during the day when he is not home, thanks...
  3. ToxinStorm

    Request Hey Im looking for someone to make me Thumbnails on YT (For shoutouts on my Videos & Streams!)

    Intro - Hello there, I am here to find someone who can make me High Quality Thumbnails and other types of GFX in the future. The thumbnails are very simple, but I do want them to stand out. I am unable to do it that's why I need someone skilled. Compensation - $5 per thumbnail & Shoutouts in my...
  4. Quick Question

    Unique Channel Concept - Thoughts?

    Please stop by my channel and check out what I offer my viewers I would love to know if this is a good concept or a bad one. All criticism invited and welcome. Is my brand name a good one? Etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3
  5. SimbaHD_

    Skyrim Video Ideas?

    Hey guys I want to start to make skyrim videos but i can really think of any videos to make other that funny moments but they take a long time to get clips for. Any ideas anyone, I appreciate all ideas
  6. TheLittleWorldOfJonah

    I'm a lifestyle channel and I keep on getting claimed

    I am a lifestyle channel, I do covers a lot and I get copyright striked a lot. I also did a livestream and I had christmas music playing in the background and it keeps on getting monetized... any way to get over this?
  7. T

    Good gaming background music (over 20 minutes)?

    I need good background music, kinda happy and cheery, and I can't seem to find any good ones. Do you guys know any websites? Or songs? Or anything? I want a similar style of sound as the background music as the one at 20:00 in this video: EPIC TRON DEADLINE KILL! (GTA 5 Funny Moments) by...
  8. Wheelzy

    Vlog Joint Vlog?

    Looking for some people either around london or abroad who would like to collab with a vlog talking about stuff and doing some funny activities on camera! Let me know!!
  9. Zicon

    Adobe Premiere Big Problem I need to fix for my YouTube Channel

    So I had Camtasia a year ago and I went bigger so I got Sony Vegas Pro 13 then it would be really laggy for me so I switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 but when I import my intro it only shows the audio not the video please help if you know how to fix it.
  10. ProjectJamesify

    Looking for cold, hard, constructive feedback, please!

    Hi hi, Please take a look at my channel, perhaps my latest video, and leave constructive feedback. It would help me the most if the feedback is as cold, hard and constructive as possible. If there's anything positive, please let me know as well. That way I can work on my channel and actually...
  11. M

    Gaming ETS2 PARTNER +60 SUBS

    Hello everybody I am Maurice I am Dutch but i speak english in my video's I am searching for a Euro truck Simulator 2 Partner with above 60 subs and you need a TruckersMp account and the age from my partner must be 12 - 17 years old you can contact me on skype: Maurice23042002 my channel is...
  12. S

    Give me Advice Plz

    Hey im new to youtube and i want advice on what u think about my channel and what i should keep doing or even stop
  13. Its Ryan


    Hey guys lately i have been questioning my videos especially cuz i have no time to make them. So I feel like they are a bit sloppy and not like good lol. If you want to check out my channel and give me some tips that would be amazing. THANKS!! Here is my latest video-
  14. D

    Please Review My Channel and Content Please!

    Hello! My name is Devin and I make vlogs and gaming videos on my channel. I started my youtube about 2 months ago and I want to get some feedback so I can improve my content for my viewers. Im open to any suggestions you may have including editing, ideas for new content, etc. Thanks!
  15. Dem

    Getting paid for two channels on the same account

    Hey! I own 2 channels on my account and both of them are verified youtube partners. When I visit my adsense page, is there any way to see the channels that my email owns and if I'm getting paid for both of them? I'm saying this because even though I've earned 5k views on my second channel and...
  16. A

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hows everyones day? My name is Austin Eisenman and I am looking for a collaboration on my youtube channel! Im using this as a way for me to grow. I have 19 subs and other than that I like dogs. Im 16 and very immature. I like to play video games such as: ARK SURVIVAL. CS;GO or any game pretty...
  17. Sinser

    Request (Free) Profile picture and matching YouTube banner

    I know this is a lot to ask but I'm just starting my YouTube channel and I want a nice match looking avatar picture and banner. If anyone would like to help I would give you recognition. Like the normal logo avatar and matching banner like all the call of duty commentators have.
  18. Micki BPO

    I need Channel advice...

    Ive only been a youtuber for a week and need some advice to see how good im doing and if there's any suggetions to make it better
  19. PlanetPanda

    I Need Advice! (Gaming Commentary Problems)

    Hey there awesome person! :D Thanks for clicking on this thread :) I just need somebodies advice on my commentaries. I feel sometimes my mind drifts off and makes me commentate in a really boring tone and sometimes I don't know what to say so sometimes I say wierd things out of the blue! If you...
  20. W

    Quit YouTube?? Help please

    Okay so i started a you tube channel last year in November and so far i have about 51 subscribers and the thing is, its a gaming channel and although i enjoy playing games i don't play that often especially since collage has started for me. I went into it thinking that if i do gaming i won't...
  21. Old Tin Man

    Video Title Help

    Hey guys, I have been on the YouTube train for almost 6 months now and I have been doing well, although recently I haven't been gaining as many views as I normally am. I have two very popular videos that get searched every day, My first Fallout 4 & Until Dawn videos. All of my other videos are...
  22. I

    Can anyone help me with my channel and see what is wrong with it

    So i have my youtube for a year and i have 151 subs. can you guys tell me what am i doing wrong and tell me what to do to get better and gain more subscribers channel link : https:// www .youtube. com/channel/UCOEIyWunB0gIJ6qlwgbYe1g
  23. A

    New camera advice?

    Okay, Simple question. How much aprox would I need to spend to get a good, crisp video quality? What kind of camera would I need to get? I recently upgraded from a crappy, probably £50 camera to a £200 camera.. and as much as that was a huuuuge quality boost and I'm very happy with the quality...
  24. H

    anyone know what is going on here? really like what's the point xD

    I mean guys can you tell me what this is xD?