Help! How can I get my videos to upload faster?


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Hello, I really need help... My dad was mad at me for uploading to YouTube because it was ruining our wifi for his game all night and he almost closed it out he told me so I really need help on how to get them to upload within a few hours or something during the day when he is not home, thanks so much I really need help.
As everyone has already said I would suggest trying to compress the files, I'm sure you'd be able to find a video compressor download somewhere on the internet, or just export in a lower quality (which would be annoying, but for the time being it might just do!) An Ethernet cable is a good idea, I use one to help my videos upload faster
also try not to use the internet for anything else while uploading, like streaming video or playing games online
Also if you're exporting directly from your editing software, I would suggest exporting it to your actual computer before uploading it to YouTube, I used to upload directly to YouTube and it would slow my internet down for hourssss
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Yeah, try to play around with file formats and size to get the file as small as possible without compromising quality.
Another thing you can look at doing is make sure you cut out all the unnecessary clips in your videos making the video a little shorter helping the upload time go faster. It won't help that much but it's something.
Another thing to consider doing is limiting your upload speed. I personally use a program called netbalancer to limit the speed that google chrome uses. The free option allows you to limit 3 programs at a time so that should be enough.