Using hashtags in video titles?


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I saw some people starting to do that, especially in the kids niche.

Basically the title from




Anybody knows any perks in doing that other than looking extremely spammy?
The reason people are doing it is because youtube recently started allowing for hashtags. However, I think that the way a lot of people are starting to go about it (as you've described) looks really bad and spammy to me. especially since most of the words wouldn't make good hashtags anyway (like, hypothetically, using "My" as a hashtag doesn't make any sense.)

I hope hashtags don't get used like they are on instagram.
Haven't noticed anyone doing it. I've put one hashtag in one description of one video since the band we were talking about where doing a hashtag campaign. I hope hash tags in titles doesn't catch on since it looks silly!
Looks kinda spammy tbh. I think they'd only be good if it the hashtag actually added to the video title and topic rather than taking it away. ie. Entertainment news channels could include a popular hashtag that was thrown around such as #FeelTheBern or something like that. That way it actually adds to the topic title.
I think YouTube is trying to make it work but it doesn't look like it's taking off. If I search up a hashtag that in theory should be used a lot, there aren't many videos with heaps of views. Maybe the SEO algorithms haven't fully factored it in enough yet or people just aren't searching up hashtags which is what I think happens a lot
I haven't seen this yet but it seems a little pointless to me. Especial in the title, that would just look ugly I think.
Wouldn't that also make the tag section redundant?
I've noticed kids channels using hashtags as tags, so they would have the tags:

surpriseeggs, surprise eggs, #surpriseeggs, #surprise #eggs

Interesting to see if the videos rank for the tags...