Star Wars Battlefront 2... what have you done!

The paid part is disable anyway so pay2win isn't a part of it anymore. I think one thing that's interesting is that the pay2win controversy has made it acceptable to hate barious aspects of the game, for exmaple someone ranted about the cooldown on being able to earn credits on arcade mode. I was sat there thinking "are you really that bothered? it makes sense to restrict the credits you earn by fighting bots. All in all i think it's a good game from what i've played.
Sadly, Disney has had to get involved to apply pressure to EA to make accelerated decisions. Ultimately, the game is fantastic! Their progression system was a bit flawed, but that has already been tweaked as well and will likely be altered again soon. The thing is, there is always something that players will not like about a game, no matter how great the gameplay. For me, the only issue I did not care for was the Pay2Win system as I believe it has no place in any game. That being said, I think SWBF2 was the tipping point for many players, especially with the way EA tried to defend the system. Many players (not all) have had issues with that aspect in recent games, so they jumped hard on this one. EA is just an easy target anymore.