1. Mr Danny

    What Makes a Good Intro?

    Just as the title says, I was wondering what you guys consider to be a good intro to a video. Not the actual introduction as in "Hey guys, today I'm talking about...". I mean the screen with your name and the little music thingy. How long should it be, what info it should contain, what type of...
  2. Jason Kirkpatrick

    Channel Trailers

    Hey guys, my name is RainingRainbowz, or Jason, and I'm starting a channel and I'm prepping up my content and getting ready to start off. Now I'm wondering. In your beautiful minds opinions, is a channel trailer truly worth it? Is it worth implementing prior to releasing content? Or is it more...
  3. Emily Richardson

    I Can Take It!.....Probably

    Hey guys! So I've been posting a lot on here lately, and I absolutely love you guys, so I feel ready to ask you...*takes super deep breath* Could you guys take a look at my videos and tell me what you honestly think of them? Let me know if I could change anything in the branding, styling...