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Short version:
Does anyone know the proper way to ask a property owner for permission to film on their premise? Especially with the intention of doing so repeatedly in the future. So far we haven't had any luck.

Long version:

We've started heading down the sketch comedy route for one of our YouTube series'. Up to now, this was short skits that had no correlation from on to the next. The only thing tying them together was that they were under the "Jomie" series.

Because of this we could move around and film in public places owned by private business until we got kicked out and told not to film there.

Right now though, we are trying to plan a large endeavour by starting a plot and storyline for the series. As such we can't be moving around all the time because the locations will need to be re-used over and over. We considered using our houses but it just feels like it changes the whole atmosphere of the series.

So our question is, how would one approach the owner of an area asking for permission to film in that area for mutiple occasions into the future. We've tried a few times, but pretty much to no avail. Usually we're told that they only allow it for big media companies.

I realise that was incredibly winded, so hence the short version ^_^
I have not yet filmed at a property but sometimes the forest etc but we have filmed at locations for my internship.

What you could do is either visit, call or email the location about your video and your intentions and maybe ask them if you could look at the location first before filmong there.

It's always good to have done some location research so you know where to set up the camera etc

Also be aware that some location holders might ask for a price and time to film there.

My intern company is a small foundation but they did however manage to get permission to film, although most locations were just in the same area and city.
That's true, trying to avoid the ones asking for money when it's just for YouTube videos that probbaly wont pay for themselves xD

But yeah, starting through emails probably the best way, cheers
I've filmed at a couple of different locations for non YouTube related projects. Unless it provides some sort of social value it's hard to get places to let you do it for free.

One short film we shot at a local gas station. I talked to the owner, told him what we were planning on doing and asked if we could use it over night one weekend while they were closed. He said yes, but we had to pay one of his employees time and half to be there while we filmed.

Seems like arrangements like that are pretty standard.

Places are usually concerned about liability etc. The bigger the place, the more red tape in general.
I say as kindly as possible. And explain why you picked there place to do it. Complimenting the place by saying why you picked there place is great.
Technically everything for profit has to be cleared and permits obtained. But, many people who film movies will just go for it and see where it all ends. "Guerrilla Style" is what they call that. George Miller, you know, the guy that did "Mad Max, Fury Road" filmed the original Mad Max "Guerrilla Style."
Your supposed to get the property owners permission to shoot and let them know what you are doing so either email them or phone them through their business line and get hold of the manager. The more professional you make yourself sound the more they will be likely to consider what your doing. You should also tell them that it's good for their business if your doing it on business property since if the video gets popular then their business may receive more customers. Try to blag as much as possible. I watched a few people who did fight sequences on youtube explain how they used to get in trouble for it. You also should let people around the area know that your shooting so they don't think your up to something and call the cops on you. If it's a place like a park or any public space there's not much to worry about unless your doing something that may look fishy. Then it might be best to get permission from your local area's council so that if someone does report you, the cops already know that there are people making a film in that area.
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