hey guys tell me about your filming routines

I usually plan to film my videos over the weekend and on Monday, but generally end up watching Netflix or playing video games instead.

Tuesday is my day off from work, so I dedicated Tuesday to film and edit if I didn't get anything done over the weekend. But again, I usually get distracted and don't end up getting anything done.

By Wednesday, I start to panic that I have nothing filmed and then I actually get something done. Once everything's filmed, I plan to edit for the rest of the night, but usually get distracted by social media.

My posting day is Thursday, so I'll come home from work and spend the entire evening editing, filming last minute pieces, and creating a thumbnail, hoping the entire time that I'll get everything done before midnight.

And then I start the vicious cycle over again the next week. :p
I record maybe the day before/of, typically I'll record like three or four videos, choose one to edit for the week and spend the day editing/uploading that. My routine may change now that I've updated my software, so hopefully it won't crash while I'm editing, though the last time it did, it saved my progress so I didn't have to start over again, which was nice. The next week, I'll go through and decide which video is getting edited and if I don't like any of them, I'll always have a backup thing to review because I'm still not sure my audience is ready for a storytime (they pretty much only expect reviews out of me / I can't decide what story to tell and end up deciding not to). Some of my new viewers may not mind storytimes (I just worry that I'm not an entertaining storyteller).
Some videos I plan ahead, then set up lighting and get all my shots ready and then my dog is usually really lazy and not into doing a video, then other times I just goof off with my dog with no plan for any video and record her doing things and edit a video out of whatever comes from that... and the unplanned stuff usually ends up being way better anyways lol
I have to film and edit a few days before my upload day (Sunday) because my internet is so slow it takes forever to upload... :(.
I don`t set myself specific days or a set schedule, i keep a document on my pc with video ideas and simply pick one when i feel like filming or lately if i am doing something that other people might like to know how to do i`ll just record it

If i get something new on launch day, a game or product, I will try record a bit and get some footage up which might help someone thinking of purchasing that product

Unless it`s a really simple video, i can quickly tidy up and upload as is, i will generally edit and upload the next day
We usually film 2-3 videos, edit and schedule. Take a few days off to promote, engage , etc. - We do this about twice a week :) Well, we JUTS started, so we will see how well this works.
Hey. I make new videos every 5 days. So i shoot edit 3 videos over the span of 3 days. I do this every 15 days.