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Hey guys :) Today I've decided to start researching the best cameras to film with so that i can get my YT channel up and running. I already have lights to film with but not the camera yet so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what cameras are good to film with. Thank You :)
The million dollar question, do you have a set budget? Cameras are an area where the deeper your pockets are, the better your results. Of course using the right lights and focal distance are key, and you have a good head start there. Without knowing a budget though, it's hard to throw out some suggestions.
Try to find a used Canon T2i, I think you can find them on ebay for like $250 ( i think thats like £175). That should be great for your beauty and fashion videos. And then when you get a little more money you can just upgrade lenses and lighting to get a better image quality rather than having to buy a whole new camera.
I have a canon T3i, I may suggesting going for the upgrade because of the flip out and reversible screen. The T2i has a flat LCD panel, and with the camera pointed at you, you can not see if you are in frame (unless you connect the camera to a laptop and use it as a monitor). The T3i you can flip the screen towards you and use it for reference.

Also note, a DSLR is NOT for ease of use. The lenses are expensive (though you may be able to survive with the stock 18-55), and the cameras should really receive maintenance. There is a learning curve with a DSLR because it is not a point-and-shoot device. The reason a DSLR looks so nice is because of the manual control you have over it, as opposed to letting the camera decide dynamically.

I don't want you to shy away from a DSRL, but I want to warn you to have a healthy respect for the tool. has a "video school" that will teach you all about filming on a DSLR. If you are ready to take on that kind research and training then you should absolutely do this.

if you do not want a DSLR, and are looking for an easier alternative you can find any decent 1080p, 60fps video camera, what will matter is the scene you are shooting. Lighting is going to be incredibly important, it always is, but when you don't have fine tune control over the camera settings in a manual mode, you need to make the camera's job easier. And good lighting does not mean more lighting (a common mistake). There are of course, a ton of great lighting tutorials on youtube.