filming equipment

  1. Courtney Candice

    Softbox or ring light?

    I'm looking into buying lights for my camera , right I'm only using natural lighting and it looks beautiful, but there's a few cons to it like when I need to film and the weather isn't the best so then I can't film a video and In the winter the lighting is going to be terrible. What type of...
  2. BethPatersonYT

    Finding the best camera?

    Hey guys :) Today I've decided to start researching the best cameras to film with so that i can get my YT channel up and running. I already have lights to film with but not the camera yet so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what cameras are good to film with. Thank You :)
  3. Ruth Taylor

    Backdrops and lighting kits help

    I was just wondering if someone could help me with this as I dont have much money so I can't spend a arm and a leg and my budget really is under £80 i have found this on amazon and its not expensive but I can't afford something overly expensive I was hoping if anyone could give me some advice...