1. dazedcore_yt


    Started YT on October 1st of this year, and I'm currently sitting at 290 subscribers! My one year goal was 100, so I guess I'm doing very well! Sitting at 78 thousand views and 190 public watch hours!
  2. E

    what to expect in the first 3 months ?

  3. xxkittylee

    New youtuber from maryland. Anyone want to collaborate in Maryland??

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland wants to...
  4. George Hudson

    MY PUPPY!!!

    Brand new video and it's all about my #Puppy! Would be great if you could check it out and let me know what you think!
  5. Shakara Fireara

    Beauty/Makeup Looking for new yt friends & to collab

    Hi, my name is Shakara Fireara I started youtube about 2 months ago. I am looking to collab with others and make some yt friends.
  6. P

    How do you get your videos out there?

    Ive just started posting mabey 2 months ago and I've been doing pretty good, but I just want some help. Anybody got any tips or tricks?
  7. Dennisthemenaceftw

    What Keeps you going?/ How important is a schedule.

    As a new YouTuber, I've already began running into some issues. Nothing major for the most part, just scheduling stuff. So my first question is, when you don't feel like uploading, what pushes you to get up and do it? And secondly, how important is a regular upload schedule? Does it help with...
  8. StyleChyle

    What am I doing wrong?

    I feel completely at lost with my youtube channel. I don't know exactly what I am doing wrong. I use all the tips on tagging, titling, thumbnail, and editing. It seems as though it is not working. My name on YT is StyleChyle! Please give me a complete review on my channel. I would greatly...
  9. N_ckyboy

    Facebook Page

    So I decided to create a Facebook page to try and gain more viewers. Would be great to hear from my fellow YouTubers any other ways to advertise my channel. Find me on Facebook - n1ckyb0y Kind Regards.
  10. AllenSae

    Guys, i made my first penny on youtube.

    Hey what's up guys! So I was looking on how much revenue I made and It seems like I made 1 penny?? lol Im pretty stoked. How did you guys react when you made your first penny?
  11. AllenSae

    how often do you post your youtube videos?

    Hey what's up guys, so I'm new to the Youtube scene and I just wanted to know how often do you guys post your content? Once a week? Three times a week? Let me know what's a good set schedule on posting videos. Thanks :)
  12. Sixshades


    Hey everybody SixShades here! I was just wondering if any of you guys could have a look at our channel and give us some feedback on possible future videos and positives and negatives about how we're doing so far, always looking to improve and you can only get better! Hopefully our videos have...
  13. Briana

    Should I be worried about views and subscribers ?

    I want to know if it is good not to be worried about the amount of views and subscribers one gets. I think it is a good thing but i'm starting to wonder if it is not because if I don't worry about it I may not push myself to promote my channel even though i do want people to see what i'm...
  14. BethPatersonYT

    Finding the best camera?

    Hey guys :) Today I've decided to start researching the best cameras to film with so that i can get my YT channel up and running. I already have lights to film with but not the camera yet so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what cameras are good to film with. Thank You :)
  15. isaacdmann

    Meet Up/Gathering Any English Youtubers?

    HEY! :D Im isaac, im a new british youtuber living in Spain and would love to collab! Id also like to set up a group chat somewhere with an diverse group of friends to all improve together an have fun along the way! If anyone is interested please message :)
  16. isaacdmann

    Is my channel doing well?

    Hi guys, So I started a youtube channel about 3 weeks ago, I would just really like some honest feedback as im not sure if my friends are just being nice :P Please feel free to leave any tips that may help me out. Everything is appreciated!! And if anyone feels like doing a collab or anything...
  17. Johnnie's Random World

    Feedback on what you like and what i can improve on

    Hello everyone I started my channel two months ago. I came up with the title Johnnie's Random World because i wanted to do something different. I didn't want to do a set topic because i'm not organized in real life and everything i do is pretty random. So i would just like some feedback, just to...