What Keeps you going?/ How important is a schedule.

As a new YouTuber, I've already began running into some issues. Nothing major for the most part, just scheduling stuff. So my first question is, when you don't feel like uploading, what pushes you to get up and do it? And secondly, how important is a regular upload schedule? Does it help with the first question? Thank you all for your time, i'm looking forward to your answers :D
I'm also a new creator on YT. I don't make a schedule yet TBH, I feel like that if I start pushing myself to invest a lot into it, while still learning everything, I might overwhelm myself and get burnt out. I think improving the way you do things should come during the "natural process" as you explore more and upload here and there. Get a feel for it first and then approach with a strategy. My few cents at least :)
its extremely important. Not just for people watching to knwo you upload regularly, but to keep yourself disciplined and not slack off.
I usually record on Tuesdays, today i guess, and i have done this every week since august. I must say that this has helped me alot. And believe me, Minecraft is something you are not up for every day! However it is super duper important to have a regular and good schedule. try to make a system on what days fit the best for you, and also what time of day, possibly you could record one day, edit, render and upload on the next day? That's what i do at least!
Good luck!
I don't have a schedule yet, and That's part of the problem why I did not start earlier. Right now I try to keep myself committed by signing up for a collaboration. Constantly talking to a few friends to keep me motivated for it. Hopefully I can get a consistent schedule for myself through all of the chaos.
Don't be hard on yourself. Building a routine is actually pretty taxing. The stress of just trying to fit the time in can be enough to ruin your mood and make it impossible to create. Take your time, keep trying.
How do people here keep track of their videos and their ideas? Do you find that it's generally a matter of coming up with lots of ideas and then spreading them out over time?

How often do you upload, and what measures do you take to ensure that you upload consistently?

Is there any kind of organisation to it all or do you just keep it all in your head?
I get it done because I love doing it, I love making videos.

Regarding the uploading schedule bit, that's very important, consistency is one of the most things for a YouTuber, no matter what size their channel is. Weekly or twice a week is the perfect schedule if you ask me.