1. M

    I'm having trouble editing.

    I love doing YouTube. But lately I've been having an issue. A few months ago, I could edit an entire video without taking a break, getting bored, procrastinating, stopping, etc. It would take several hours but I got it done. I could just get it done like that. Now, I'm having so many issues...
  2. C

    My older videos are dropping frames for no other reason?

    So I posted this last night, but now I’ve noticed it’s gotten worse; multiple old videos of mine seem to be having awful framerate issues for some reason. I uploaded them all at 720p with crisp, 30 fps game footage, but now they’re stuttering at random, down to 10 FPS at extended...
  3. C

    What's Been Your Biggest Difficulty Youtubing So Far?

    Mine is distributing and promoting my content. I fee like it so hard to reach the right people. Curious to see what everyone else's is?
  4. Tin Salaj

    Gettings views slowly,but no interaction.

    Well I have been making videos for 1 week or less now and I got more views, but it seems none of them did any interacting with videos. What is the problem? Is it that my videos are not good enough, but if that was the case then I would get the dislike. Can anyone help me explain this, and feel...
  5. D-Red Beatz Games

    Have You Ever Forgot To Record Audio

    I haven't done that myself...yet lol hopefully I won't but I've recently deleted the ones I've needed when I was extremely tired not paying good attention, it reeeeally sucked. Any similar experiences?
  6. MegaCrasher

    YouTube glitches; unsubbing, notifications, feeds & more! Affecting thousands including myself.

    Hello everyone. So I don't often post about issues as I generally do my best to rise above and keep positive for myself and the community but there have been issues with YouTube as of late. I know that with that statement, it's a "thank you captain obvious" sort of statement but it's got to a...
  7. avrona

    Growing Strategies After the "First Steps Period"

    So I've been doing YouTube for 3 and a half years yet I am still at 118 subscribers. I read pretty much every piece of advice available online, but most guides, etc. focus on the first steps, while like I said I've been already doing it for 3 and a half years. So does anyone have strategies or...
  8. MegaCrasher

    Let's #RiseTogether YouTube, Let's Help The Community Rather Than Hurt It! Time For A Change!

    THIS IS UNSCRIPTED! So My apologies in advance if I rambled a bit here! Please share this video if you want to help make YouTube truly shine again! Pretty much as the title says to everyone viewing. I won't add too much detail in the description as I think it is best we let the video do the...
  9. MilkingBanana

    Mic choice?

    So on my channel, I post gaming and animation related content in the future for my content and I have this problem that just bugs me from the start of my channel, and it's the fact that I have one of the worst sounding microphones ever made. Now, to be honest, I might exaggerate and possibly...
  10. Aerdian

    View Count Help

    Hello, I have 2 videos up on YouTube and YouTube says my total view count is 26, which is incorrect. If I add up the two videos, 38 and 51, I get 89. It seems I should have 89 views, but YouTube says I only have 26. Will it update and correct itself eventually or is there a way to fix this?
  11. Dennisthemenaceftw

    What Keeps you going?/ How important is a schedule.

    As a new YouTuber, I've already began running into some issues. Nothing major for the most part, just scheduling stuff. So my first question is, when you don't feel like uploading, what pushes you to get up and do it? And secondly, how important is a regular upload schedule? Does it help with...
  12. RickGuyver

    Multiple Ad Breaks Placement Issues, Issue #1: Ad Placement Not Always Optional

    Hello all, this is my first help request to the forum, so I hope it's worthy of your attentions. I will post each issue as a separate thread, and the following is Issue #1. Ad Breaks Placement is not an option for all videos. This means some of my videos allows me to control where (or when)...
  13. Alpha011

    Youtube upload issues with Google Chrome

    Has anyone had issues uploading their videos using Google Chrome? For the last few weeks once the video has been processed it will go through the next step of uploading but the percentage just stays at 0. If I go to my video manager page it shows the progress go smoothly from 0 to 100%. So once...
  14. Queeningdaily365

    When your channel is a baby

    What issues you cone across in your journeys to grow your channel? How have you gain support through it. I know when trying to establish yourself it can be discouraging. The issues i am having is trying to reach my target audience
  15. Maarij Bashir

    Have you ever had a collaboration problem?

    Like you both started to collaborate on a project, but that project never gets finished? I had quite few of these problems. Anyone had something similar or different situation?
  16. Jgaust Online

    I have a concentration problem...

    Hey, so on my channel I really enjoy doing live commentaries over gameplay, it allows me to really be myself and say things that I later (without realizing I said) hear and chuckle at myself... Anyway, I've noticed there is a lot of downtime in between my audio, which is normally when the...
  17. Rita-Marie Hartford

    Missing Files Final Cut Pro x

    Hello, I am mystified of what is going on with my Final Cut Pro. Current version is 10.2.3 Well today, I filmed a video; and I was filming it on my memory card that I remove from my Canon Ti5 Rebel and than pop it into the side of my mac. I have tried to upload the footage into iMovie which...
  18. thejoelwilliamsphere


    So the new channel URL instead of this[insert channel name] its now[insert channel name] The problem with this is, when you search your channel url when you land on your own channel page the URL is converted to a bunch of letters and numbers. Further for...