I have a concentration problem...

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Hey, so on my channel I really enjoy doing live commentaries over gameplay, it allows me to really be myself and say things that I later (without realizing I said) hear and chuckle at myself... Anyway, I've noticed there is a lot of downtime in between my audio, which is normally when the gameplay gets the most intense. For example the bulk of my videos are Overwatch, and anytime I start shooting I notice I stop talking as well, sometimes getting so bad I cant remember what I was talking about before.
Just wondering if anyone else had/has this issue and how did you get over it/cope with it?
Lol I think all of us that do anything related to gaming on YouTube has some form of ADD.
Lol I think all of us that do anything related to gaming on YouTube has some form of ADD.

Self diagnosis at its best! :p
I´m guess if you are doing both at the same time, it might be hard, since you have to focus on the gameplay AND say what you need to say!
If you do like Scarce, you can do gameplay and then put commentary on the video!
As someone with ADHD I find it difficult to concentrate regardless and I tend to forget what I'm doing or saying every now and then, in fact some people have said I may have dementia cause of how out of the blue it and sometimes I may be right in the middle of doing something & I'll forget, although I know it's a combination of that and I'm not getting any younger lol. But when it comes to games, when s**t's going down you just have to focus, especially in a game like Overwatch or any competitive game (or any game where you want to look good at it), I assume & expect viewers would want to see some good gameplay and not someone talking & dying constantly because they weren't focusing. Don't forget your focus is already split enough as it is, it's okay to take some time to focus on the game.

Usually I find the best thing to do is not dwell and think about what it was you were saying TOO much as that can result in you spending more time to figure out what you were originally trying to say instead of continuing to commentate thus making you more quiet. So if you can't remember within a few seconds after whatever action has occurred, just forget, it might come back to you later during the recording or never. I also find that it helps to explain what I'm doing if & when I can, some viewers like to know your thoughts. So if you were saying 1 thing then all of a sudden a big gorilla man tries to attack you and you're just focusing & you die or something, just explain to them why you did what you did like "I threw the banana on the ground cause I wanted him to eat it but he ate me instead" or whatever, little things like that can help to keep you commentating and talking to your viewers. It may even excuse your actions if they're not Pro MLG Level :p. It's always gonna depend on situations you just need to go with the flow because that's pretty much how all live commentaries work.
Happens a lot to me, which is kinda the reason I don't record solo funtages in games, or live comms, what I recommend to do is this
If you have a particular topic, or topics you wanna talk about, just write it on a note pad next to you, and freely talk about the subject. And if you forget what you were talking about, start the topic over again. If you were going good on a topic, and completely when blank, watch the recording over again and re- record anything later :) hope this helped
Maybe have a recording of the gameplay and record yourself talking over it? Seems to work for me most of the time