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Between doing the activity and filming, making/editing videos, and advertising in addition to work, school, and family duties, how many hours are you sleeping every night (or day)?
I sleep about 4-5 hours a night. ^^ It's been like that for years (long before YouTube), so I'm used to sleeping less.

I will say that my sleeping has changed since I've started sleeping less. I used to be a super light sleeper when I had 9+ hours of sleep, but now I sleep like a rock for all 4 hours lol. :p
I don't get enough. And unfortunately I have one of those bodies that needs 8 hours. I only get 6 on average. Because my mind is constantly busy!
8-9 hours of sleep. Sometimes less if I'm researching something. No point of skipping sleep if it means you spend the next day operating at less than 100%.
9 hours a night. It would be convenient to be able to manage with less than that, though!