When do you like to Film??


I've Got It
When it comes to filming videos when is your favorite time? Do you like to do it outside, indoors, at night, or during golden hour? That's just a few of the tons of options but you can see where i'm coming from. I would like to hear from as many people as I can. Personally, we like to film outdoors during golden hour.
I like to film (for the majority of my videos) during the night from 11pm to 3am or from 8am-10am when people in my household are gone or asleep. Sometimes I film at friend's house and filming late at night works best for both of our schedules. This way we are less likely to get interrupted as well. =]
Because of the type of videos we create we dont get to control the timing/schedule so we almost always Film during the day and usually afternoon with harsh light. Sometimes we get lucky and get some good golden-hour shots, but they are rare.
Sunday mornings are our perfect time to film. We never schedule any obligations (beyond the occasional holiday or birthday party for one of the kids in the family) for that time, and we're really good at setting things up so that we can film 2-3 videos to release through the week then. Our "studio" is a green screen painted wall (just an apple green that matches the color of a green screen fabric) that's opposite our washing machine, and we tend to green screen in all our backgrounds, because we do everything with puppets.
I've been using a green screen in my newer videos I've been uploading so lighting is very important when it comes to green screening so I do mine inside and at night so I don't have off lighting when I do my keying.
I do a lot of videos where I'm being followed by a camera around town just screwing around, and I prefer to film during the day at any time, natural light is the best lighting in my opinion.
I just started Youtube, but I, too, like to do my filming outdoors. There's just so much more variety you can get outside! I prefer golden hours because the lighting isn't as harsh and the colors aren't blown out, but mostly because there's not a lot of people around to watch me talking to myself in front of a camera haha.
I non stop film. Inside, outside, with friends and family, when I'm out. It's a part of who I am. I've been documenting my life for 8 years and I always have a camera on me.