That depends on what kind of video it is. But anywhere between 1 day to 5 days, I guess. If I make a vlog spanning multiple days I film and edit little bits in several days. If I make a sit-down-talk video setting up and filming takes about an hour and then editting, rendering and uploading anywhere between 3 to 6 hours.
For me, I currently take:

- Maybe... 2-3 hours to find a story to read, get permission to read it, etc.
- 20ish minutes to record the story
- 45 minutes to 1 hour to edit the recording
- 90 minutes to add whatever sound effects or music I want, to the story
- 45 mins to make the intro and outro, and add visuals to the story
- 30 mins to stitch the whole lot together and save it

So that's around 7 hours, give or take.

It's highly variable because story lengths vary and I'm still experimenting with different styles, but that's what it takes to make one where I'm not appearing on-screen.
As I do film reviews I've found it easier to work in batches of 2-3 in which case it takes me about 2 weeks or so as I cant work during the day or Friday and saturday nights :) heres my breakdown:

Week 1:
Monday: Watch film (Make notes)
Tuesday: Write review (Make additional notes)
Wednesday: Watch film (Make notes)
Thursday: Write review (Make Additional Notes)
Sunday: Revise scripts and record audio (Occasionally I'll master the audio on the same night but sometimes it spills into monday)

Week 2:
Monday: Assemble edit for film 1 (As mentioned I may master audio on this day too)
Tuesday: Assemble edit for film 2
Wednesday: Watch film 1 (Make notes)
Thursday: Write Review (Make additional notes)
Sunday: Watch film 2 (Make notes

Sometimes it takes longer than an evening to assemble an edit and sometimes it takes less time...more often than not it means I can squeeze an extra 3rd film into week 1 or I do my other show (VHS Roulette) or if it's been a particularly mad week I just take it easy. I've worked out as long as I make 4 reviews a month im on track anything else I produce is a bonus that helps give me a bigger distance between my latest video and my latest upload :)
Once I have all the footage I want, and this can take from hours to days to sort out as I have to fit it in with everything else, editing and uploading takes around 3 hours total, not usually done at once, spread out over couple of days and multiple computers depending on where I am.
The idea for the video stays in my head for many weeks and I also often already write the script earlier.
But it can take weeks to months till I actually start shooting and recording the audio.
I don't work on a video every day a bit but rather wait for when I really have time to focus on the video, likea free weekend.
That's why from starting of record till uploading the video usually only takes 3 days and a total of 8 - 15 hours.
For me, the production process doesn't generally take that much time, as the majority of the videos I've uploaded are programming tutorial videos. Here's a general outline of what my production process looks like:
  1. Come up with a topic for the video (in many cases, this is usually easy and known beforehand)
  2. Write some code so that I can show what the tutorial will be about
  3. Launch Screencast-O-Matic and get the windows properly sized
  4. Record video (including any retakes)
  5. Save video to Desktop as .mp4 file
  6. Upload to YouTube
Overall, I'd say this process can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to around an hour or so, depending on the topic of the video and how many re-takes I did when recording. (I'd like to get better at editing out errors and what not, but oftentimes I'll just stop the recording and start again from the beginning if I make an error, say something that I thought could have sounded better, etc.).
Pre-production is just planning, which doesn't take time at all. Someone contacts me if I am interested in reviewing their car and we pick a time and place. I read up on the car for about an hour and that's it. Most of my reviews are personal takes on the car, I don't go in depth too much.
Filming of a car review takes around 3 hours.
Editing is the tricky part. At times it goes quick, and by quick I mean 7 hours. Other times it takes upwards of 20. It depends on how much footage I have to go through.

Total time? 10 hours bare minimum.

My cars and coffee videos take ~2 hours to film and about 5 hours to edit. They are simple in comparison.

If I do a vlog it almost feels like cheating. 2 hours of editing and I am done on those. I don't do many vlogs because they bore me, and bore the viewer.
Do you script anything or do you just say what comes to mind? It seems like what you say is pretty fluid, which has me curious to know how you plan out what you're going to say.

The night before a review I review basics. Engine size, horsepower, torque and performance figures. Just so I don't say the wrong stuff (it still happens though, I am only human after-all). Everything else is improvised. I come in with a rough idea on what I want to talk about, but it all goes out the window when I start driving. It is my personal opinion on the car as it happens. And it seems more fluid because of all the jump-cuts I hide with other footage. There is not necessarily a jump cut behind every exterior shot of the car, but there are quite a few.