1. iRyan

    Other Looking for production crew and creators for Pop! Production House and YT Group

    Pop! YouTube and The Pop! Production House We’re currently looking for dedicated creators, editors, graphic artists, audio editors, musicians, writers, animators and other media creatives for a YouTube group and original content production house. Pop! YouTube Group:Pop! Is a fun group of...
  2. Francis V

    Services Royalty Free Music

    Hi folks, My name is Francesco I'm a musician and composer from Italy. If you need any music for your videos feel free to contact me (you can find the links on my signature). The music genre is various: electronic music, ambient, soundtrack, rock, and pop. So if you have a particular...
  3. Darren Taylor

    Breaking up the pattern of "going through the motions"

    Recently with my videos I feel like I've been going through the motions in order to maintain regular uploads as I know this helps. However I have asked many trusted people (in my target audience) to critique the hell out of my channel and I've got some amazing feedback. In order to put the...
  4. The Matt Diaries

    Production Timeline

    How long do you spend producing videos? By that I mean from pre-production to uploading.
  5. The3rdFace

    Music Producer / Sound-Engineer for Long Time Collab

    Hey guys The next 2 years will be a LOT of work for me, but I also have a lot of material! My main problem to release music at the moment is solely the mixing and mastering. While basic mastering can be handled by plug-ins, the mixing should be hand-made. I'm looking for a passionate Sound-Tech...
  6. Kasagi

    Music video help ...

    hey guys, I've been recording music for a while and want to do my own songs, but I wanted something more than just me playing in my room Equally so I can't do a proper full on video shoot :/ any ideas for something inbetween that would be interesting to watch while listening to music ?
  7. Jakerandy1144

    What to do when your film crew isn't on the same page?

    Working with a film crew hasn't been easy, recently its been a struggle to work with one another because some of us feel as if they are more passionate than others. We've been trying harder to create more quality content but sometimes that means pushing one another to work harder and thats where...
  8. Benau

    What shape for audio animation?

    Hey all! Benau here, In my videos of my music, I have animated audio so you can see the levels as the song plays. What other shapes would be better or is the line good? Tell me in the poll above! Thanks!!!
  9. Adeelcool

    How Are viral videos made ?

    so, i want to spread an Awesome massage, and it going viral would help a lot are viral videos made by the title or the thumbnail or the content or the production value or do all of them play a big part in making a video go viral, or would the massage of the video make it go viral or do only...
  10. NatalieBrownSings

    Services Pop Songs and Christmas Music Available

    Hi there! I am new to the forum. I was just reading over the different categories and saw that people might be in need of music for their videos. I have original Pop, 90's style R&B and Christmas songs available if anyone is interested in using them. I am offering songs with vocals only (no...
  11. RiaSChazer

    Short Film Any East of Toronto YouTubers?

    I'm looking to film a short comedic film of 10min or so to be posted on YouTube. I need some YouTubers who are willing to travel to Oshawa for the shoot (weekends) and be featured in it. Current script (to be finalized) is a silly comedic argument about being an "Oriental." Also we'll be...