Other Looking for production crew and creators for Pop! Production House and YT Group


Pop! YouTube and The Pop! Production House

We’re currently looking for dedicated creators, editors, graphic artists, audio editors, musicians, writers, animators and other media creatives for a YouTube group and original content production house.

Pop! YouTube Group:pop! Is a fun group of creators who enjoy making content together and supporting eachother with their own content. We’re not about how big of a channel you are. We’re more about the quality of the content you produce. If you wish to apply and learn more use this template:



Country:YouTube/Twitch Channel (if you have one):

Why should you be in Pop?:

Do you have discord?:

Send a sample of your work:Any other notes?:

Pop! Production House:We’re currently setting up a production house for original shows which can either be based on their own channel, Pop!’s channel or an exclusive channel for the show.

For the Production House we’re planning to build a team of creators and “production crew” which can be asked or offer to help in productions and shows.

If you wish to learn more then apply for the Pop! Production House with this template:Name:



Preferred Production Role:YouTube/Twitch Channel (if you have one):

Software Experience:

Do you have discord?:

Send a sample of your work:Any other notes?:

For more info PM me.
Name: PhysicsFreak

Age: 14

Country: United States (Pacific Standard Time is my Timezone)

YouTube/Twitch Channel (if you have one): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEN_tGTAaP3PKy4pUJ9X_Bw

Why should you be in Pop?: I really enjoy making videos and helping others with their YouTube endeavors, and I also am always looking for new friends and communities to be a part of! I have experience in Adobe Premiere Pro, Hitfilm Express, Photoshop, GIMP, Source FilmMaker, and Krita, and I have been doing YouTube for almost 3 years now.

Do you have discord?: PhysicsFreak#3630

Send a sample of your work:

Any other notes?: I would like to think that I am funny, and I try to bring humor everywhere I go.
Name: Jack

Age: 27

Country: UK

Preferred Production Role: Writer/showrunner/animator

YouTube/Twitch Channel (if you have one): I'm not able to post links but my channel link is in my signature

Why should you be in Pop?: I guess the characters in my animations look like Pop!figures haha. I've got plenty of animations planned, covering different casts of characters

Software Experience: AnimeStudioPro, VideoPadEditor, GIMP, Muvizu

Do you have discord?: I've lost the login but that can easily be fixed if needed

Send a sample of your work:
youtu. be/Sy-RUvwe47Y

Any other notes?: