1. J

    Uploading in a half hour interval.

    Hello, everyone this is my first post on the forum so sorry if I mess things up with formatting and stuff. I started exporting a video out of my editing software ready to upload to YouTube, however, the video took longer than expected to export meaning that I will no longer be able to upload it...
  2. Dorramu

    My Videos not being accessible (HELP)

    So I just posted a video on youtube, taking nearly a whole day to upload and now, it dosen't come up on my channel and the link for anyone else just takes them to an error page where it says the video is unavailable. The video contains copyrighted music but that dosen't mean it shouldn't be...
  3. tokoo

    Bit-rate question

    I been playing around lately with setting for recording and uploading videos. Currently I am using 50mbs to record with, and about 20mb's to upload to YouTube. I upload in 1920x1080 resolution 60fps. I read on YouTube the recommend for uploading is 12mb's but that seems like it wouldn't be big...
  4. The Matt Diaries

    Production Timeline

    How long do you spend producing videos? By that I mean from pre-production to uploading.
  5. M

    How important is upload consitency?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how important is consistency when uploading videos, as in, if I upload on Mondays, should I try to always upload on Mondays? I know some channels say "new videos on Wednesdays" and things like that, is it necessary to always upload on the same date and are there any...
  6. M

    Do you keep old video files after uploading?

    Hey guys, I'm running a little low on memory space in my computer, and I want to buy an external hard drive but until then I need to delete some files. I have a few old video files still saved on my computer and I'm wondering is this even necessary? Once you upload your video to YouTube...
  7. Red Queen Effect

    Changes to Upload System?

    Has anybody else noticed changes to the way videos are uploaded in the last few days? I can no longer do certain things like add my custom thumbnail while the video is uploading, I must wait until after it had started processing...BUT my videos now get stuck at '0% processing' and often don't...
  8. Rieverze

    What days are most valuable to post?

    Hi, I was wondering the other day. Are there certain days in the week where it is the best day to upload? For instance on a sunday you maybe would get less views because people would have an hangover (If that is your target audience that is.) Just looking for some general advice here. Thank you
  9. xxheathermarie

    FCPX wont let me upload!

    I keep trying to share a video from FCPX and it keeps failing with no indication as to why. When I try again it will jump to 50% and upload from there and fail at the very end. Anyone know how to solve this? I also saved to a Master file and tried uploading that. But it's been 3 hours and its...
  10. Alpha011

    Youtube upload issues with Google Chrome

    Has anyone had issues uploading their videos using Google Chrome? For the last few weeks once the video has been processed it will go through the next step of uploading but the percentage just stays at 0. If I go to my video manager page it shows the progress go smoothly from 0 to 100%. So once...
  11. R

    How to Change Upload Encoding Settings When Using iMovie?

    iMovie doesn't give you any options to change the encoding settings. I want to set my encoding settings to what YouTube recommends, though. I've heard that you can export the file as a quicktime file, and you can control the settings there. I've looked all over the internet for a tutorial on...
  12. M

    is this possible?

    Hello YTALK Members,So nice to be here ,this is my first thread.. I Have a question: i`m planing to open a YT channel for Electronic Music,and my questin is: IF I PURCHASE A SONG IN BEATPORT & SPOTIFY am i abble to upload and monetize that..? (Sorry 4 my Bad English) Best Regards MasterF
  13. N

    Uploading a video to YouTube is being painfully slow!

    Hi guys, So I'm uploading a video to my channel, which is actually shorter than most of my other videos! But it is taking forever! I tried at a friends house last night to upload it and it only got to 16% in 3 hours! I'm now trying to upload it at work and it's not going much quicker! I'm...
  14. TheMix

    What should I upload?

    Find a Nitch(something super popular that lots of people want to see) such as gaming, magic, stuff like that. And before you upload think: if I was scrolling through YouTube would I wanna watch this video? If not then have second thoughts about uploading. Best of luck to anyone out there and...
  15. TheMix

    Upload Schedule?

    My channel focuses around comedy such as skits and a few other different things. With that being said its hard to put out daily videos so we just post when we can. Should we just upload when we can or have certain days?
  16. J

    Uploading Full Videos to Facebook is beneficial?

    Hey everybody, I thought I'd share some information with you guys with a small test I did a while ago. I recently uploaded one of my latest YouTube videos to my personal Facebook in full, to see what the results would be. I have shared the youtube links to a couple of my videos on Facebook and...
  17. J

    Do you suffer from 'Post-Upload Depression'?

    Hello everyone! I recently saw a video on Tomska's vlog channel where he talked about 'PUD' and I quickly realized how often I feel disappointed or down right after uploading a video because it doesn't get the reaction I hoped for. So I figured I would see if anyone else consistently feels...
  18. Saddy

    Best time to upload!

    Hey guys! So i recently saw a article on the best times to upload http://www.tubefilter.com/2015/01/12/best-days-times-to-post-youtube-videos-yearly-calendar/ Ive been following these times for my last uploads and ive noticed my average views have gone up by a bunch! So i thought id upload it...
  19. LyanGamer

    Have You Discovered a Best Time of Day to Post?

    I have been posting videos for a little over a year now and have always asked myself if there is a better time to upload than others. If anyone has had increased views by posting during certain times or what have you, or know anything about getting discovered that a newb like me might not...
  20. ggdeeofficial

    Should I re-upload old content?

    So I have this dilemma here where I have two channels. One old channel that i made in the past focused on a particle video game and my "new" channel, the one I have right now with a more broader variety of games. I want to move videos from my old channel to my new one and maybe rebrand some of...
  21. Josh100LuBu

    Best time or day to upload

    Many YouTubers I watch speak of uploading videos at a certain time of the day or at a weekend, do you tend to create an upload schedule for yourself or are you a spontaneous uploader?
  22. HighSocietyGaming

    Does it Take Forever for Your Video to Upload? Have No Fear!

    Hey everyone! I wanted to write a post to help out those who don't have the highest and fastest WI-FI speed. As of right now, I upload one video a a day, usually between 15-25 minutes, in 1080P 60 FPS. Yet, my current WI-FI speed in my house is barely 6 MBPS download and barely 1 MBPS upload...
  23. DeathByVlog

    What are you exporting to?

    I am using Final Cut Pro X and when I first started uploading videos I was exporting as "Master File(default). These were huge files and uploading to Youtube was a pain. So, I started exporting as "Apple Devices 1080p". File sizes are usually no more than a 1gb and upload in just a few minutes...
  24. Jawad Soomro

    Do you delete your videos from HARD DRIVE after uploading?

    I have produced so many videos that my hard drive space is decreasing. I am keeping the backup of my videos, but lately I have been thinking to delete my videos from HARD DRIVE to save space. How about you guys? Would you delete the backup videos from your Hard Drive after you upload on YouTube...