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Forum Rules Broken Down
  • Violation of forum rules will result in a warning placed on your account. Repeat offenders may be suspended or banned at staff discretion.

  • Read sticky threads at the top of each forum section for additional guidelines and rules.

  • Spamming the forum will result in an automatic ban without warning.

  • You must be age 13 or older to create an account on YTtalk.

  • Sub for sub, view for view, like for like and such is not permitted at YTtalk. Box4Box is considered a form of collaboration and is welcome.

  • You may not ask members to subscribe to your channel, directly or indirectly. This includes forum posts, profile posts, signatures, etc.

  • All promotion of videos and your channel(s) may only be posted under the Videos and Channels forum. You may not ask others to check out your channel via any of our services including but not limited to posts/threads, profile messages and private messages.

  • Advertising websites is not permitted. Only a channel related or personal website (non commercial) may be advertised within your signature.

  • Advertising / promoting / recruiting for YouTube communities, online chats etc is considered spam and the post will be deleted and an official warning given.

  • Linking to crowdfunding sites (patreon, gofundme and all the rest) is not permitted.

  • Sexual content is not permitted. This includes content in the form of an avatar, username, thread title, custom title, signature text, video/video thumbnail, signature video etc. YTtalk is not age restricted to adults only.

  • All introductions must not only contain promotional content about your channel or videos and must introduce yourself, we want to know about you.

  • Copying and pasting posts/threads is not permitted. This includes repeating a template post with minimal changes or only replacing a username or topic each time.

  • Recruiting for networks, both directly and indirectly, is not permitted. The word "Network" may not appear in your YTtalk username.

  • Selling YouTube accounts or selling threads is not permitted.

  • Discussion about illegal activities such as violating YouTube ToS, violating Google AdSense and monetization ToS, breaching signed contracts, piracy, copyright infringement, hate speech, making posts/threads to deliberately cause drama is not permitted.

  • Making posts to farm YTtalk cash is not permitted and is strictly monitored.

  • Excessive posting in order to gain attention/boost your visibility, farm YTtalk cash, or any other reason deemed disrespectful or unfair to the community members will result in a warning and most likely account suspension.

  • Threads may only be bumped where you have new information of value to add to the thread (additions to a portfolio, special offers, new prices for example and other pertinent information). You may only add one update post to your thread per 24 hours.

  • Threads older than 3 months may not be bumped in the majority of our forums at all.

  • In the Videos and Channels forum you may only bump your thread using the Bump feature.

  • Multiple forum accounts are not allowed and will be merged into one account at moderator discretion.

  • Rules for Keeping YTtalk Clean are also enforced.

  • Read the Full Forum Terms/Rules for additional items not covered here.
Quick Tips
  • Remember YTtalk is a community and we are here to give and share advice and in the process create connections between YouTubers, YTtalk is not a self service view website and wont create miracles for you, promotion always comes second here.

  • To send PMs you must have over 50 posts.

  • To earn YTtalk cash your posts/threads must be at least 200 characters in length.

  • Make sure to read all stickied threads and take notice of the green box notices at the top of several forums, they are there to help you.

  • Get to know others here by taking part, you can become a part of our community by just getting involved and posting.
Useful Links

Full Forum Terms/Rules/Privacy Policy

YTtalk Guide - Covers fixing channel link below posts, YTtalk app, getting verified at YTtalk, putting a video in your signature, putting an image in signature, getting VIP membership, video forum access information and getting support at YTtalk.

VIP Membership Information - Learn about getting VIP Membership and what it is.

Edit Signature - Edit your signature here signature.

The Shop - YTtalk Shop.

Personal Details - Edit channel username, custom usertitle (VIP members only), social media pages.

YTtalk Social Media Pages

YTtalk's Twitter Page - The official Twitter page for YTtalk, follow us for status updates, news and more.

YTtalkTV - YTtalk's YouTube Channel, on the YTtalkTV channel we cover everything from video editing to video SEO and marketing to DSLR film making tips, subscribe to get our videos in your feed.
YTtalk's Facebook Page - The official Facebook page for YTtalk, like our Facebook page for news, updates and more.

YTtalk Contact Information

support at - Official Support Email

admin at - Business Email

Contact Us - Contact form for support and all enquiries

If you need any help at all or have any questions please get in touch with a staff member via their profile if you are new to the forums or via PM. We are always willing and glad to help out.

If you have arrived at these forum rules from a warning PM please make sure to read over our full terms here:

Thank you
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