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10 Subscribers!

Hi! I'm new to YouTube and started my channel about two weeks ago to document our family life in vlogs. I know this channel will probably never get big, but I've been really enjoying learning how to edit and portray our lives. I hit ten subscribers (probably all friends and family honestly) and am now at 19. So one more to 20! These numbers I'm sure sound pretty lame to most, but I'm stoked to have anyone follow! Glad to be here on this forum. :)
That's really good numbers, 20 subs in matter of weeks! Impressive! Just FYI - you can add your Youtube-channel link in your personal settings!
Thank you! I think I updated it, but I'm not sure I did it right.. Either way, thank you for responding! Didn't expect anyone to actually see this :)
20 subs in two weeks is nothing small, that's really good, Camp. It took me a lot long to hit 20 subs, so congrats. :)
Thanks, guys! Didn't think anyone would see this! It's a family vlog so not sure there's too much interest, but it fills my day and gives me something to work on outside of staying home with the kids. Thank you!